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Citizens for Animal Protection (CAP) only adopts out dogs who have either tested negative for heartworms or have received veterinary treatment for heartworms. You must keep your dog current on their heartworm prevention to keep them from getting this terrible disease. Please read the information below to learn more about heartworms and please help spread the word!

If you have adopted a dog that was previously treated for heartworms please read through --> THIS BROCHURE <--. Upon being surrendered to CAP, dogs who test positive for heartworms go through an extensive treatment process involving immiticide. You must relay your dog's treatment information and dates to your veterinarian.

 More than a million pets in the U.S. have heartworms. But heartworm disease is preventable.  Visit HERE for a downloadable/printable .pdf version of the flyer below.

 2020 AHS Canine BrochureMerck 1

2020 AHS Canine BrochureMerck 2