Vaccination Packages

Kitten Beginners 1 6-8 weeks old FVRCP, FeLV Test & Deworm $90
Kitten Beginners 2 9-12 weeks old FVRCP, Feline Leukemia Vaccination & Deworm $88
Kitten Beginners 3 13 weeks - 6 months FVRCP, Feline Leukemia Vaccination, Rabies & Deworm $95
Cat Annual Basics 3 mo or older FVRCP, Rabies & Deworm + Cat Credelio $102
Cat Annual Basics Plus 3 mo or older FVRCP, Rabies, Triple Test, Feline Leukemia Vaccination & Deworm


Packages include Office Visit Fees (priced at $28 in packages)

FVRCP - Feline Rhinotracheitis, Calicivirus, Panleukopenia (Distemper)
Booster vaccinations (typically due in 3-week intervals) are not included in packages.

Please inform the Technician if your pet has had a previous reaction to vaccinations
Pregnant cats can receive a Rabies vaccination but no other vaccinations.

Separate Services & Treatments

Please note: If you need to return for follow-up vaccinations and tests, the Office Visit is charged for each visit.  Booster vaccinations are not included in packages.

Services Cost
Office Visit $30
Rabies Vaccination (12+ weeks old) $17
Feline Leukemia/FIV/HW Triple Test $40
FVRCP Vaccination $25
FeLV Test $25
Feline Leukemia Vaccination (12+ weeks old) $25
Deworm for Hooks & Rounds $10
Deworm for Tapeworms (based on weight) $15+
Minichip (1/3 the size of a regular microchip) $35
Nail Trim $15
Difficult Nail Trim $36



Please note: Service offered per vet's discretion. Office Visit included.

Services Cost
Adult Wellness (CBC, Chemistry) $90
Adult Wellness w/T4 (CBC, Chemistry, T4) $140
Superchem (CBC, Superchem) $200
Total Body Function (CBC, T4, Superchem) $250


Bloodwork Diagnostics Consent form must be filled out before the time of service.

Flea/Heartworm Preventative

Bravecto Plus Topical - Prevents Fleas/Ticks/Heartworm/Intestinal Parasites - Lasts for 2 months! - $40
Flea & Tick Prevention Credelio CAT Tablet - Prevents Fleas/Ticks - Lasts for 1 months - $22

Online Pharmacy

Are you a current client of the vaccination clinic?  If so, take advantage of ordering your flea & heartworm medications online.  Visit our Online Vets First Choice Pharmacy today!  All proceeds from online purchases go back to helping shelter animals.

We can no longer accept 3rd party prescription orders. Medications must be purchased onsite or through the CAP Vets First Choice Pharmacy and can be approved within 24 hours or sooner.