Lost & Found Pets

One of our most rewarding services is reuniting lost pets with their families. We maintain records of animals, both lost and found, and compare them with incoming stray animals, reports from other shelters, ads in area newspapers and Internet lost & found connections. This free service brings many cherished pets home to their families each year. Please act quickly, as the more time that passes, the more difficult it becomes to reunite you with your lost pet. Regardless of the time frame, though, do not hesitate to look!

  • If you have lost or found a pet and would like to use the lost / found pets service at CAP, fill out the form below.
  • For more resources about finding your lost pet, see the Lost Pets article under our Pet Care Section.
  • Remember, if you have found an animal, cannot locate the original pet parent, and intend to keep the animal in your home, please take the animal to a nearby veterinary clinic or animal shelter so it can be scanned for a microchip. This is a way to identify the animal and the owner. Microchipping animals is becoming increasingly common and is a great way to protect your new pet.
  • Please let us know if you find your pet or if you locate the owner of a found pet. This allows us to maintain updated information. Thank you.

Lost & Found Pets Report



Please indicate whether the pet is lost or found.

Check whether the animal is either your lost pet or a pet that you have found.

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Give the animal's breed if known or best guess (ie - for dogs, Pomeranian or Labrador Mix, or for cats, American Shorthair Tabby or Siamese)

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Add any remarks about scars, unusual markings, different eye colors, etc. which may help identify the pet.



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CAP may release your phone number to anyone who has reported lost/found animal matches your lost/found report. Additionally, CAP may post your lost/found report in the shelter's incoming area, making that information publicly available.
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