Only a pet gives you unconditional love. Only a pet responds to you with complete trust, loyalty and affection. Yet, too often pets’ human companions reject the responsibilities that are warranted by this unbounded love, and the animals find themselves deserted by the families they trusted. You've seen them yourself: the bewildered, homeless kitten that wanders into your yard; the starving pony locked in a barren pasture; the lost dog trotting down a busy highway, looking for its home. And you've seen the reports: thousands of animals suffer and die cruelly, the victims of man's inhumanity to his "best friends."

But there is a way you can help. Your contribution, large or small, will allow Citizens for Animal Protection to protect these helpless victims from further suffering. We invite you to visit CAP's busy shelter and see for yourself how people like you have made a difference for the animals. Donate Today!