Happy Beginnings

CAP is able to adopt out many animals to happy forever homes. Adoptive families share their joy below with pictures and stories. Help us make this possible for all our homeless animals through a donation to CAP today!

Happy Beginnings Submissions

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   I adopted Layla in 2017 and I feel so blessed to have her every single day. I feel like she was waiting just for me to come get her and when I brought her home, it’s like she knew she was in her furever home this time. She is so incredibly loved.layla1layla2

62646a128faa9 Charlie and Toby  I had been visiting CAP for a few weeks, and when I met Charlie, I fell in love! Our whole family, even our cat Toby, is enjoying this sweep puppy's energy and loving heart! 62646a12842f5 Charlie

20220316 214818  image0000032Teddy (formerly Mr. Noodles) has settled in well and enjoys teaching us things every day. So far we've learned that baby gates are a suggestion and the top of my desk is not off limits, that a lop can fit under the TV stand if he tries, and that hay mats are much preferred to shavings. Teddy enjoys listening to the radio, doing zoomies around the living room and trying new foods (he has a VERY healthy appetite and so far likes kale, parsley, cilantro, baby spring mix salad, and he will run laps of joy carrying a baby carrot if he's given one). He loves to be present for whatever is happening and will jump up on the couch or bed to see what we're doing. His literbox skills have earned him a lot of freedom though we're still supervising his outings to make sure he doesn't get into anything he shouldn't. He can be assertive and has head-butted my husband and taken my phone out of my hand ("no pictures, more petting!") It's been great to see his personality more as he became comfortable with his new home.

This month we took him to the vet for a Teddy Pedi (his nails were getting a bit long) and the staff were so taken with how chill he was. We celebrated his first birthday on the 16th with a new foraging toy and a special cake (he loves the dried carrot and coconut "sprinkles). He continues to find ways to be involved in whatever we're doing; he runs laps down the hall and around the room when my husband is playing racing simulator games ("here comes Bun-zo Furr-ari!") and he always finds a spot to lounge where he can watch us (and the TV if we've got Netflix on). It's been a delight to have him keep me company while I work, (his motto is less zoom more zoomies) but having him remind me to take breaks has really helped reduce my stress.
Again, we thank the wonderful staff at CAP for taking the time to help us find the perfect pet and be fully prepared to bring him home. Your organization means everything to the lives you save and the joy they bring. 

6249c46a45bab 7D064934 4B33 4AA7 8F48 4CD4EE9B58FA We got little Nova just about two weeks ago and she is just living her best life! It took a few days for her brother Shadow, another CAPS adoptee, to come around but as you can see now they are like peas and carrots. She is such a character! Fearless, funny and loves to snuggle. She also loves to run and run in the yard. We’re so thankful for CAPS for both our fur babies.6249c46a3d710 0F3E0F74 DCA3 49EC 8EE2 E627093FB1E5

62473cd95d4a2 Ace Stoney Our two brothers - one shy and one in your face kitty. They are both out of their shell now mingling with the dogs and running the house!  62473cd962bdc Ace Stoney 1

623152152367b 2F1437DD AEFF 4D83 AB7A 376CE538FA1A  6231521519bae A6ADB9E6 34D0 40AE 823D C140058A2890  Lucy has made herself quite at home. We lost our big, sweet boy in September and even though we have two smaller dogs, the house just didn’t seem right without a big protector. I searched all rescues/shelters, but something about her just told me she was ours. My husband went up to meet her and brought her home the same day. We love our girl to pieces.

621eb0dcbd8f9 Draco 1  621eb0dcc660b Draco Foraging  We adopted Draco after losing our sweet rescue Bella a week or so before to sudden illness. She was only 11 years old and had been a part of our family since she was a young puppy. Even though we can’t replace her in our hearts, our house was too sad without a canine family member. I saw Draco on the CAP adoption page and went to see him the next day.

He was so wild when I visited with him at CAP! Crazy jumping, he scratched and bit me (those puppy teeth) until my arm was bleeding and peed all over the floor. I fell in love with him instantly and he came home with me that day.

Draco is 10 months old now and an established member of our family. He’s very smart and loves to train, super stubborn but he always listens eventually which is hilarious, loves to play chase and fetch and wrestle with our teenager. We got his DNA tested because we wanted to know what mix he is, and he’s 50% Siberian Husky, 34% American Pit Bull, and 16% American Bulldog. He definitely has the attitude and behaviors of a Husky, loves people and other dogs, and is a very very good boy. He knows sit, lay down, shake, come, go to bed, and is learning to walk on a leash and is completely housebroken. He doesn’t like to go in the pool but loves to be out in the rain and will dig into a muddy puddle whenever he gets the chance!

We love him so much and I can’t recommend adoption highly enough. All of our dogs and cats over the years have been adopted from local shelters and most from CAP. Thank you so much for all you do for the pets!

621d02d950db3 pic1 621d02d952d96 pic2 My daughter had been wanting to adopt a kitty for some time, as her brother and sister both have their own pets (a dog and a lizard). So, for Christmas, one of her gifts was a "kitty starter kit" with food, treats, litter box, etc. Shortly thereafter, we made our first trip to CAP. There weren't any kitties during that visit that would be a good fit (no one that got along with dogs), and so we left with lots of tears. The next day, we stopped in again, and saw the two sweetest babies, and immediately knew we had to have them both. We had to wait a couple days until they were spayed/neutered, but that gave us time to get fully prepared. They were quarantined to the office for a week until they healed from their surgery, but that resulted in the perfect introduction to our dog! They have fit into our family PERFECTLY, and we all could not love them more!

6217b9d12ee83 Kat 1  I moved from CAP to my forever home on Monday, Jan. 31. There I was met by my new "big brother" Cheeto who had been an only child. It took a few days for him to stop hissing at me but now we are best buddies. We sleep with our humans every night and we spend lots of time chasing each other up and down the stairs and across the house. I am very happy

61dc8531816ac bunnies  

We adopted 2 bunnies and couldn't be happier. When we brought home Bentley and Moku they were not yet bonded. It took some time for them to warm up to each other but now they are inseparable :) It's nice to see them together and happy. We allow the bunnies to free roam and they love it! Bentley and Moku enjoy green leaf lettuce and cilantro. And really love blue berries :D We're happy to have them as part of our family and even more so that we got to adopt 2 bunnies that needed a good home.