House Rabbit Society AND ASPCA Guide (pdf) AND Bunny Buddies (Houston Rescue)

Where to find a rabbit VET or Spay/Neuter....Local Houston Rabbit Savvy Vets

The House Rabbit Society recommends Rabbits as pets ONLY for persons 8 and older.
Even then a child should be supervised by an ADULT.
The ASPCA states that Rabbits are physically delicate and fragile, and require specialized veterinary care.
Children and Rabbits - Are Children & Rabbits a good combo?

Guinea Pigs

CAUTION: Do NOT keep Guinea Pigs outside in the Texas climate. Guinea pigs can have heatstroke at 85°F and also can NOT tolerate cold.

Texas Rustlers Care Info AND HSUS Guide AND Cage Building Ideas
Printable care sheet: Guinea Lynx Care Sheet (pdf)
Guinea pigs are social animals, so it is best if they live in PAIRS.
Usually females cohabit well as either siblings or mother-daughter pairs.
Males will sometimes get along but they often do not unless raised together.
Males should NEVER be placed with females under any circumstances even for a short period.


Texas Ferret Lovers - Care AND Houston Ferret Association
Houston Ferret Savvy Vets


Small Rodents

All Small Mammals are attractive to young caretakers, but should always be supervised by an adult. Feeding, cage cleaning & socialization are all daily tasks.

Hamsters - General Hamster Care
There are several different types of hamsters, from syrian to dwarf types.  Please ensure that you research the needs of your correct hamster.

Gerbils - General Gerbil Care
Gerbils love to chew and dig. Colorful, plastic cages are usually discouraged. Consider a large, glass enclosure with plenty of cardboard for them to gnaw and make tunnels with.

Rats - General Rat Care
Rats are generally more interactive and friendlier than other 'pocket pets.' They like large, tall cages to climb around in. Talk with other Rat enthusiasts on The Goosemoose Rat Forum.

Mice - General Mouse Care
Mice are fun to watch them interacting in the cage, but please make sure that female mice live together and male mice live separate from each other!