Featured Adoptions

Patches is a gorgeous Staffordshire girl who has been doted upon in foster care for months while being treated for heartworms. She is a friendly, lap-loving girl who will do best in a home with older children who can romp and play with her. She is a playful girl who loves toys and running around with her family. 34087819

All pets deserve loving homes, but wonderful tuxedo girl Duchess deserves to be treated like royalty. She is a wonderful girl who has been searching for a new castle for over 6 months, far too long for such a distinguished cat. Duchess' most favorite pastime is having her belly rubbed and will purr loudly to let you know you are doing a good job. She gets along with other cats and small dogs as long as they are all nice, respectful and recognize her blue blood. Duchess has been waiting a long time to find a home and is considered a VIP, her adoption fee has been reduced by 50%.

Robert is a handsome black Havana rabbit who has been waiting far too long for a forever home to hop into. He is a calm and happy boy who has been looking for a home for two months now. Bunnies love to chew and nibble, be sure to have plenty of toys and treats to keep Robert happy and occupied. He will make a wonderful companion for true rabbit aficionados. A30997356 

Honey is a sweet Boxer mix girl who loves everyone! Honey is looking for another home because her previous family no longer had time to give her the attention she deserves. She is a happy social butterfly who enjoys running, going for walks, and playtime in the water. Honey is also fond of lap time and is very obedient, loyal and easygoing. The only thing she doesn't like is being left alone, so she is looking for someone who will be home often, kennel her if they are away, or better yet, take her everywhere with them. Around children this nice gal is easy going, friendly, playful, tolerant and loves to be petted. Around other dogs she is playful, but can be fearful.  If you have another dog, please bring them to meet her. A33232813

All true feline aficionados know that cats are amazingly smart pets, but at times also a bit complicated. Staff favorite cat O'Malley is one such complicated kitty, but some would say that we just haven't figured out his quirks. O'Malley has been adopted and returned twice, first because his adopter moved and second because he didn't get along with the other feline in the home. Since returning to CAP O'Malley has minded his Ps & Qs and has done well in our free roam Kitty Kat Cabaret with other feline friends. He may need to be the only pet in his next home to be safe, it would be stressful for him to be adopted and returned yet again. O'Malley's next home needs to be his forever home!