Featured Adoptions

Crista Bella A34605791

Crista Bella is a stunning 1 year old American Sable rabbit who is looking for a loving home. She is here because her owners had too many pets to care for, but she is so loving and gorgeous you won't mind caring for her at all. She loves her veggies and to cuddle, please come meet Crista Bella today. Her brother Cristo is also looking for a home, he is just as handsome as she is.

Briar A34373702

Briar is desperately looking for a friend, you can hear him calling our for companionship all throughout the adoption room. He did get a break from the shelter life thanks to his loving foster mom, who also helped him get over a case of the sniffles. Now that Briar is 100% healthy he is ready to keep looking for his forever home. He is an incredibly friendly boy who would love to meet you today!

Yuki Bijon A34326619 is a gorgeous 10 month old Retriever/Pit Bull girl with what some people call 'odd eyes', one blue and one brown eye. We don't consider her odd in the least bit, if fact she is one of our favorites. 

The staff has been working with her since she arrived at the shelter six weeks ago, as has found her to be a very sweet girl. Yuki is energetic and loves running and playing with toys, and she is also house trained. She is a social butterfly who loves to be around people, but is not necessarily fond of other dogs. Please visit this nice girl and make her a part of your forever family. 

Because she has been at the shelter for more than a month, Yuki Bijon is a VIP and her adoption fee is reduced 50%. 

Sal A30728202

Sal is a handsome kitty with one of the best personalities you will ever meet. He is a very friendly boy who gets along with everyone he meets. Sal is an easy going guy who is happy just being around his family surrounded by love and cuddles. Sal us considered special need because he does have FIV, which is a virus than can be spread to other cats, but not to people. He will either need to be the only cat in the home, or with other FIV(+) cats like his bunk mate at the shelter, Anka. Sal is one of our VIPs and has been waiting a long time for his forever home. His adoption fee has been reduced by 50%!

Snowflake A34392327

Snowflake is a dream of a dog, she is a lovable and obedient social butterfly. Snowflake came to CAP in the hopes of finding a loving forever home, canine friends are welcome! She loves everyone she meets including little kiddos 6 years and up.

Smarty Pants may also be a good name for her, she know the Sit, Stay, and Come commands, and can keep herself entertained as long as she has plenty of toys around. She loves her people though, so please give her lots of love and attention.