Give the Gift of KIND News through
Our Adopt-a-Classroom Program

kindnews pagesFor only $30, a year-long classroom subscription of KIND NEWS magazine puts values like compassion and respect at the head of the class. Adopted elementary classrooms will receive 28 copies, 5 times a year of KIND NEWS magazine, a FREE classroom visit from one of our CAP canine crusaders with a choice of humane lessons and activities like "How to greet a dog" and access to online animal themed lesson plans and craft ideas that teachers LOVE.  


CAP recognizes that fostering of a more humane and compassionate society is our best chance for significant improvement in the lives of companion animals. KIND NEWS reveals the beauty and wonder of the animals who share our world while also exploring the challenges they face. Through profiles of amazing kids, features about rescued animals, pet care tips, and how-to’s on helping backyard wildlife, KIND NEWS encourages youth to coexist humanely with animals, celebrate the human-animal bond, and become active in efforts to protect animals.



  KIND News:

  • is the most widely used humane education resource.

  • fosters empathy and, according to teachers, improves students’ behavior.

  • includes lessons in all major K-6 subject areas and is aligned with National Education Standards.

  • is published in three editions for different reading levels: Primary (grades K-2), Junior (grades 3-4), and Senior (grades 5-6).

  • promotes youth community service through hands-on projects.

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A $30 school year’s subscription to KIND News includes:

  • 28 copies of KIND NEWS five times a year, September through May at the elementary grade level and school of your choice.

  • A teacher’s guide with each issue.

  • Access to online worksheets and lesson plans to supplement each issue.


We still need to reach so many more to reinforce the importance of the protection of animals and keeping them from harms way. Won’t you sign up and show your support of this vital humane education program? We can, someday, have a world where all animals are safe. We can’t give up.

Teach kids to care… Sponsor your child’s elementary classroom, a grade level or an entire elementary school in nearby community. The cost of this classroom gift is $30.00 per year – only $1.07 per student per year – only $0.21 an issue! If you are interested in participating in this vital program, please fill out and return the Adopt-A-Classroom Pledge Form. Questions? Please contact our Humane Education Coordinator.

Make values like compassion, citizenship, and responsibility come ALIVE!