Benji_Recd10-22-08_aCrBenji_Recd10-22-08_bCrI had been searching long and hard to find a pit bull that I could adopt and give a forever loving home. .... I decided to go and see all of the dogs for adoption. A red nose pit bull puppy named Rambo immediately caught my eye, but he had not been socialized with other dogs and I already had another dog. Then I found Benji! His former name was Hesu, but I knew Benji was the perfect name for him. He has become such a wonderful addition to my family. My other dog Cubby, and border collie pug mix loves Benji and they are the best of friends. Benji has become such an amazing dog and puts a smile on my face pretty much all day. I am so lucky to have found him. I think adoption is the way to go when getting a new animal, and all of my dogs in the future will be adopted! .... I love him so much and would be lost without him.