romeo_8-22-08_2_sm_bd9-08romeo_8-22-08_1_sm_dogpark I adopted Romeo, from your shelter 4 years ago, on August 8, 2004 to be exact. That was the day my life changed for ever.  It was the day a 28 lbs dog walked in to my heart and stole it.  Since that day I have been gladly owned by him.         When Romeo first came to live with me, he was very afraid of everything, now he has no fears. He is a very confident dog, happy, and loving dog.           Romeo is now considered a 'senior citizen' ( if I go with shelter's age he is 10 yrs, with vet's estimate between 12 and 13 yrs) but someone forgot to tell him that.  Among other things, swimming is his absolute favorite activity.  Well, is really up there with snoozing, next to his mommy.