Glynda Cali_9-09_8Smprovided this upate on her adopted cats.
Cali is a female Calico. She is 8 years old. She was originally adopted by a family that had kids and dogs and it must have been too much for her. She was returned to CAP at about 6 months of age. She had a sign by her cage that she needed a peaceful environment and that is exactly what she got with me. She will not sit in my lap and likes to be petted, but on her own terms.
She is very smart. She spends a lot of time sleeping near me or watching TV with me.

Torby_9-09_LiCutSmTorby is a gray Tabby. He has a very big body and a very small head. He weighs 18 pounds. He has so much fur, he needs help maintaining it. When I chose him at CAP, he was very frightened with all the noise. The peaceful environment in my home is a good place for him. Torby will be 7 years old next month. Recently, my vet suggested a lion cut for Torby. After he got all the fur cut, he was so proud. He has become more sociable and his fur is under control at last.

Trooper_9-09_8_SmTrooper is my baby. He is a gray Tabby but he is very long, with very short legs. He has the cutest hair tufts sticking out of his ears. He was found when he was a few days old with maggots all over him. Jeanne Dunn was his foster mother. I often wonder if when he looks in the mirror, he sees a person instead of a cat. Every time I sit in a chair, he is immediately in my lap. When I work on the computer, he sleeps in a box on my desk. When company comes, he lies in the floor, rolls over on his back and shows everyone his belly (that must mean something to cats). Trooper will be 6 years old next month.