catZelda (originally called "Shelly" or "Shellie") - Mom Rebecca writes, I adopted Zelda in November 2005. I remember meeting her for the first time--I sat down and she got in my lap and insisted on licking my face all over. Her whole body was wiggling with excitement. She had been in the shelter for two months at that point and was more than ready go home. .... I'm grateful for the advice CAP gave us about and for the coupon and referrals to obedience classes. When you adopt a hyper dog, those things can go a long way towards smoothing the transition...Although she doesn't have to be crated during the day, it's where she goes to take a nap or to chew a bone or when she knows she's in trouble. Zelda's a great dog. She is very smart and has lots of personality. It's been two and a half years since she joined the family, and I'm so glad to have her.