Sona ~ 40201351 *Adopted!*
Sona might still be just an older pup but she is a very loyal and protective one.
She weighs 38 pounds and has the typical amount of high energy found in the youngsters like her. She likes agility, car rides, running, tugging, and going for walks even though she hasn't learned yet how to properly walk on a leash. She is playful with other dogs and wants to play with those she meets during walks and at the dog park. She is playful but cautious around cats. She's playful and tolerant of children of all ages and loves to be petted and sit on laps. She knows the sit, come, no, and off commands and is house trained. She may have an accident though if you don't let her out often enough. She'll bark then whine when she need to go. She is afraid of being left alone and would appreciate some companionship most of the time. She was given up by her owner because of problems with the landlord. She is curious, obedient, and lovable. Friendly Sona will be a great addition to any household.
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