Springer ~ 38143371 *VIP* *Adopted!*
Springer loves people -- family, strangers, anyone who will love on him.
He is incredibly snuggly and wonderful with children. He is easygoing, friendly, playful and tolerant of kids over three and loves to be petted. He weighs 75 pounds and is very active. He likes agility, car rides, running, tugging, toys, going for walks, swimming and just about anything that can be done outside. He also can jump a 4-foot fence. He is house trained and will whine at the door when he needs to go out. He knows the sit, down, no, come, and off commands. He is protective of his home and family. He is not very good with other dogs or cats so he will be best as an only pet. He doesn't react well when he sees other dogs during walks and doesn't behave well at the dog park. He is a lap-loving social butterfly. Come visit mellow, lovable Springer and consider offering him the home he needs. If he doesn't respond to Springer, call him Rizzo. It was the name he had the longest in his first home.
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