Happy Beginnings

CAP is able to adopt out many animals to happy forever homes. Adoptive families share their joy below with pictures and stories. Help us make this possible for all our homeless animals through a donation to CAP today!

Happy Beginnings Submissions

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JoleeAnne 2 15aD

JoleeAnne 2 15bD

Beth wrote,  Jolee was so afraid of everything! She is making progress, slowly but surely. She is blooming with lots and lots of love in her forever home.

Sasha 2 15 aC

Sasha 2 15 bC

John wrote,  well this beginning started a long time ago and Sasha is still going strong at 11!!!! We did not know until a couple of years ago that she is at least part Maine Coon. She loves to sing and have bling.

Lola 2 15aD

Lola 2 15bDs

Kirk and Timothy wrote, Lola IS a showgirl. From the first moment we brought her home she was wrestling with our other rescue, Oscar who is 1.5yo. This is perfect. He needed a little sister to train and love and play with. It's like they've know each other for years! Perfect match this time! 

Zoe 2 15 aD

Zoe 2 15 bDZoe 2 15 cD

Miriam wrote,  emailed our Happy Beginning story about Zoe through the Contact Us section, however I could not figure out how to send the pictures of her. I am attaching them to this email with the hopes that they will be posted along side our Happy Beginning story.


Coco 2 15aD

Coco 2 15bD

 Amanda wrote, Coco has been an amazing addition to our family. It is as if we have had her for years! We were so lucky to find Her!

Charlie 2 15aD

Charlie 2 15bD

 Virgina wrote,  Charlie, is such a blessing. He has brought us so much joy. He was the perfect Chrsitmas present for my family. He is also very smart puppy. We simply love him.

TiggerAnDaisy2 15

Tigger 2 15 2nd

 Alexa wrote,  Tigger is a wonderful family member already - we love him so much! He snuggles with everyone, and seems to spread out his snuggle time so no one gets jealous.  He is even getting along great with our dogs.

Sophie 1 15 D

Sophie Levi 1 15 Ds

Jason wrote,   Sophie is a great puppy. She loves our other dog, Levi. She's a blessing to our family and our kids love her.

Teddy1 15aC

Teddy1 15bC

Michelle wrote,  had been grieving the loss of my cat Baxter for four months. I watched the web site for a month while trying to decide if I was ready to adopt. On January 3rd, I saw Teddy's (formerly known as Cole) picture and I decided I had to meet him. Knowing he would likely be adopted quickly, I rushed to meet him. I knew right away Teddy was mine. I brought him home the next day and my world immediately became better because of him. He's the sweetest, funniest, cutest little guy I could have ever hoped for! He is right at home and now rules the house, along with his 14 yr old sister Josie. Teddy has put some pep in Josie's step and she is playing again! I'm completely in love with my Teddy bear and am so thankful for him.

FloraNotRoxy 1 15 Rat

FloraAnRoxy 1 15 Rats

Jenneth wrote, A follow up to my first submission - it's been over a year since I adopted these girls. I couldn't be happier! They are both very smart and eager to learn tricks and love to explore. Flora comes out to visit and bruxes and boggles (the ratty version of a kitty's purr) and both love a good scratch under the chin. They've never shown any aggression or fearfulness. Roxy is very quick to offer behaviors for food or attention. Sadly, I had to say goodbye to Ivy (Olga) in June of last year due to her health. I miss her sweet, quiet demeanor. Her last few months were spent in a loving home with room to run around and enjoy cuddling with Roxy and Flora.