Happy Beginnings

CAP is able to adopt out many animals to happy forever homes. Adoptive families share their joy below with pictures and stories. Help us make this possible for all our homeless animals through a donation to CAP today!

Happy Beginnings Submissions

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ButtercupStampy 8 15 Cs

Nicole wrote, After losing our family cat to old age last year, we were finally ready to welcome a new family member. We intended to adopt one cat but immediately fell in love with the brother and sister cat kenneled together that we could not separate these precious siblings. Since taking them home they adapted quickly and are thriving in their new home. They are so playful with each other and loving too. There bond is beautiful to see! They have added so much joy to our family I never could have imagined!


Cotton 8 15a D

Cotton 8 15b D

ulie wrote, Cotton had been at the shelter for about 2 months, Apparently she was abandoned there by her previous owners and had some health issues that she was getting treatment for. Since bringing her home, she's doing great! She acts so happy and grateful to be here. She loves playing with the other dogs and fits right in, and even sleeps in our bed. We were pleasantly surprised that she was already house trained! We are very happy to have her as part of our family. 

Kiaya 7 15

Breanna wrote, Kiaya is a beautiful girl inside and out and she has brought nothing but love, joy, and laughter into our home. From the very first day I met her she greeted me with lots of kisses and affection and now I wake up every morning with a big sweet kiss right in my face. I never would have thought I would have a pit bull family member, but Kiaya has helped open my heart and see how incredible these dogs really are. I am grateful to CAP and all of their incredible staff members that helped bring our beloved girl into our home and our lives and I encourage anyone looking to adopt to have an open mind when choosing a breed. It was the best decision I have ever ma


Saxa 7 15a

Saxa 7 15b

Lauren wrote,  my boyfriend and I were looking for basset hound and basset mixes about a year ago when we found Saxa.  She wound up being an excellent fit for us. She is a fan of sniffing, naps and every other human or animal she meets. We are very grateful to have found her. 

JonSnow 7 15Rab

JonSnowYgritte 7 15Rabs

Mitzie wrote,   Jon Snow joined our family just two days after our other new family member, Ygritte, who we also adopted (from animal services in Sugar Land). Jon Snow was a little weary of Ygritte at beginning but now they are best buds. Ygritte was right: "You know nothing, Jon Snow!"

DexterShelly7 15CD

Zeke Dexter 7 15Cs

James and Sonia wrote, Our kids had been wanting a kitten forever so we went to just to 'look.' We  ended up adopting two kitten brothers and they immediately fit right into our family. Even the dog loves them.

Macy 24 15aD

Macy 24 15bD

Lillian wrote, This is my first tome to adopt from an animal shelter. We recently lost our little Astro (5 yr old Shih Tzu). He was hit by a car and died. It left my entire family heartbroken, but it affected me the most because he was my shadow. I felt a void no longer having my fur baby in the house. My sister took me and my girls to CAP and we saw Macy and knew she was the one. She is so full of energy and definitely loves to play. We are so happy that she is in our lives.

Phoenix 7 24 15aC

Phoenix 7 24 15bC

Alona wrote, We are very pleased that Phoenix lives in our family. My six-year girls get very good lesson that we should take care of animals. Enjoy it, while referring to the respect for his needs and desires.

Riley 7 23 15aD

Riley 7 23 15bD

Sarah wrote, My husband and I have been thinking about adding another dog to our family for a couple of years now. When we finally decided to move forward with the decision, we knew we wanted to adopt. The first day we went and met Riley, we had this intense gut feeling that he was the one. When we met Riley, he looked us in the eyes with so much love. All he wanted to do was cuddle and play. Riley's new sister, Delilah has been an only dog for almost 5 years now. She loves her new brother and having a playmate. When Riley is not playing with his sister or his new Star Wars toys, he sure does love to relax and cuddle with his new mom and dad. Riley couldn't have been a better fit for our family. We are so happy knowing he has found his forever home with us. 

Gizmo 7 123 15aD

Gizmo 7 123 15bD

Katherine wrote,  My son and I had a day off together, so we decided to stop by the shelter and see if there might a good dog for us. We started walking around the dog area, and we met beautiful Gizmo! He was incredibly sweet, so we walked him around the yard and talked to him some more. We left the shelter and quickly talked to other family members--the unanimous answer was YES, let's adopt him! Gizmo is now our family member, and he's a happy, energetic dog . . . our forever friend.