Happy Beginnings

CAP is able to adopt out many animals to happy forever homes. Adoptive families share their joy below with pictures and stories. Help us make this possible for all our homeless animals through a donation to CAP today!

Happy Beginnings Submissions

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Trisky 4 15aC

Trisky 4 15bC

 Rick wrote,  On March 1st we adopted a 3 month old kitten. His name was Napoleon. He was brought in at about ten weeks old with a non functioning left front leg from a birth defect. He had severe nerve damage and muscle atrophy that rendered the leg useless. On top of that he was malnourished due to intestinal parasites. We fell in love with him while visiting with our Girl Scout troop. We loved how feisty he was only three days after his surgery. He was lucky enough to have an awesome foster mom named Mary to take care of him until he was well enough to come to his forever home. Mary carried him around in a sling to keep him still while he healed. It is not easy to keep a kitten still! Napoleon has been renamed Triskelion or Trisky for short. Triskelion is a Greek word for a symbol with three parts.Trisky has no limitations. He is happy, playful and very curious. His best friend is an 85 lb black Lab named Daisy who tolerates his sneak attacks very well. He is very loved by two girls ages seven and ten.

RainbowAnMisPigy 4 15aGP

RainbowAnMisPigy 4 15bGP

Angela wrote, My children got two young guinea pigs about seven years ago. One was named Ginny and the other Pig(since they couldn't decide on a name). Last year Ginny passed away and I did not want Pig to be alone. We adopted Miss Piggy (long hair) last year and Rainbow (short hair dark) this year. It is a great thing to adopt animals. Our dog is from a shelter as well.

Toby4 15D

Toby4 15Ds

Kelby and Colleen wrote, Toby has quickly become a wonderful addition to our family. He loves his furry sister Sugar, a rescue who has been with us for 3 years. They love to play tug of war and chase each other. Toby loves to go for walks with us. He is ALL puppy.

Pippa 4 15Da

Pippa 4 15Db

 Samantha wrote,  Pippa has been a wonderful edition to our family. She is intelligent, sweet and full of personality. She also has helped our other rescue become a more well adjusted dog. We cant imagine a life without her.

Jax 4 15C

Cassie wrote, Thirteen years ago on January 2, 2003 I adopted Link, later named Gauge, from the old cap center on I-10, for my new fiancée as an engagement gift. Gauge was with us for 13 years until Brain and Liver cancer forced us to end his suffering in March 2015.    After mourning the loss of our baby we felt led by God to go and see if any black cats picked us to be their parents. We weren’t sure if we were looking for a baby or an older cat, we were just following God’s lead. Then we found Jaxon! He was very sick, but he was head-butting us, laying on his back in our arms, and purring like crazy through his sneezes! We knew he had chosen us to be his mommy and daddy. We were so happy to be adopting again! Jax, was unable to come home that day because he is 10 months old and hadn’t been neutered yet. Waiting until Sunday to pick him up was so hard, but we did it! Now, two weeks and a few days later, of being a Lewis, Jaxon has become a permeant fixture on his new cat tree, from the CAP store, and on my back all night long! Something else special about Jax is that he was admitted on the day my grandmother passed away. She had always wanted to adopt a cat after moving from Florida to Texas, but her health wouldn’t allow it. So I feel like we were lead to Jaxon by both God and my Grandmother! She would have loved him, and we couldn’t love him more!


Coco 4 15aRabbit

Coco 4 15bRabbit

Glenn wrote,  Adopting Coco has been an incredibly rewarding experience. It took some time for her to come out from under the couch and warm up to us. Now, instead of biting, she licks us from head to toe! She steals the heart of everyone she meets. Coco has become a fluffy member of our family. We gave her unconditional love and patience; she gave us her trust. 

Linda 3 15Db

Linda 3 15DcAyman wrote,  Linda is a part of of my family as well my kids 

Nova 3 15aD

Nova 3 15bD

 Danielle wrote, Raven has come home to Hockley and is taking advantage of the extra space we have for her. She loves to cuddle with our three year old and run, run, run on her acre backyard. We fell in love with her the second we saw her, and she has become a wonderful addition to the family. She learns quickly and is very loving. She has already gotten bigger and will be huge soon enough.

Bella 3 15aDs

Bella 3 15bD

Coni wrote,  have been saying for years that someday I wanted an Italian Greyhound, as I've gotten to know the breed from friends and dog park visits over the years. After losing 2 of my 3 Chihuahuas to old age and illness recently, I told myself I was fine with just one dog, and Tinker (adopted from CAP in 2011) was fine as an only dog. But I walked in at just the right time and met Bella - an IG/Jack Russell mix who stole my heart! It was truly meant to be, and Bella has been a gift from God. I haven't had a puppy in many years, and her playfulness and gentle spirit have brightened my home and my life in so many ways. I am having so much fun dressing Bella in shirts and dresses - she loves it! We are just one big happy family, and I am so grateful to the staff for putting up with my constant visits, calls emails for the week prior to the adoption.

Lamar 3 15C

We have a very amazing 8 yr old Siamese Seal Point adopted at age 13 months. His name is Memphis and he definitely "owns" us. The idea that we should find a playmate for Memphis  My birthday was coming up and my husband mentioned a kitten. I thought about it and the next day, March 11, 2015, I called to see if they had a Siamese type kitten available for adoption. Claudia told me they had a 6 month Torti Lynx Point and if we wanted to drive out to check out the kitten.  We arrived and spent one on one time with the kitten and she was adorable. Such a loving and playful kitten. She was very clean and well taken care of. We fell in love with the cutest little kitten. Our Siamese, Memphis, took his time checking out his new little sister, Lamar. We've had no problems with them accepting each other. Memphis is nurturing and very loving.  After a week Lamar and she is already taking naps and hanging out with her big brother, Memphis. We are truly blessed with our fur babies.