Happy Beginnings

CAP is able to adopt out many animals to happy forever homes. Adoptive families share their joy below with pictures and stories. Help us make this possible for all our homeless animals through a donation to CAP today!

Happy Beginnings Submissions

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We saw Cooper (Junior) on the website on July 30th. We drove over an hour first thing the next morning to get to the shelter before they opened because we thought he was the one for our family. After meeting him and spending some time with him that morning, we knew for sure he belonged with us. He is an amazingly smart dog and has been the greatest addition to our family. He is our son’s new best friend. We are so thankful to have him!

 60ef9bfb68c5a-D29EB611-E947-400A-8EB7-7D74D29DDF3C.jpeg I went to look for a dog and I saw “Sugar”, she was 5 years old. I wasn’t sure if her because she had long legs. One of the volunteers told me I could take her for a walk, and I did. Then I returned her. Later that day, I came back to see her and she greeted me with a happy face and she spun of excitement. One thing I can say is that She choose me instead of me choosing her. Nala was a great dog and everyone’s friend. She was the sweetest, most loyal dog I’ve ever had. We had to put her down after being together for 11 years. She was 16-17 years at the time. I heart mourns, but I have the greatest memories of her. The first picture is her fist photo. The second picture is her last photo. She was a very loved dog.   60ef9bfb6b968 FA7B8E13 7B47 4C8A BB24 37EAD9BB09CE
60edb5bd78979 20210612 181021 I fell in love with this wiggly little girl at first sight. As I walked through the room at CAP, I could hear her tail banging enthusiastically on the sides of her kennel, and when we took her outside for a meeting, she crawled right up in my lap to say hi. I signed the paperwork and took her home at once. It's been a month now and I haven't regretted it for a second - she has filled my house with curiosity and love and comedy. She's still learning how the sofa works, though :P 60edb5bd8848f 20210627 124257


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  Our loving puppy is very energetic. He is less than a year but jumps everywhere! Even at the worst times, he always finds a way to cheer us up. 


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 60be62b91639b 2726745B 163A 4ED3 A885 529E14668055  Prince was the missing puzzle piece for our family. He is so funny, playful and loving; He especially loves napping in our laps! I feel truly lucky that he is a part of our lives now. Thank you CAP!    60be62b91e13f BB51AF2B F3F8 4A34 9B6E 27679CB5A281

We lost our beloved Ranger November 23,2021 who we rescued 14 years prior. We knew we would only rescue when we knew it was time. Before we went on vacation my wife saw Bubba—he reminded us of Ranger and decided if he was available when we return we would go visit him. Funny thing he is nothing like Ranger—and that is ok Cooper is family and we love him!



We adopted Sirius (formerly Sir Scruffles) three years ago when he was a wee pup. He has grown into a handsome, smart, loving and beloved member of our family. In the last three years, he has traveled all over the country with us - hiking in Acadia National Park in Maine, swimming at dog beaches in Florida, stargazing in Joshua Tree National Park in California, and many, many adventures in between. He is a great companion for our children, our other dog, and even our cats. Thank you, CAP, for bringing us together!



Izzy 2

  Izzy (once Sharpie) is a senior girl, estimated to be 13 but she has so much spunk and personality that you wouldn't know it. She was taken to CAP after her owner passed away. She was there for two months before I saw her ad and knew I needed to rescue the poor girl. Older pets are harder to adopt out and I just couldn't let her continue to mourn while also being stuck in a cage. I am SO grateful to have this cutie in my life. I hope her previous owner is at peace knowing Sharpie (Izzy) is being well taken care of. I know Izzy is happy. Just look at that cute face resting on my arm!


Izzy 1



HB blanche 1 HB blanche 1Blanche (Montana) was the best thing that happened to us in 2020. She is such a sweetie. She loves to Zoom across our one acre back yard. She also loves the three mile walks we take daily. She greets everyone with her boundless energy and loves to snuggle with her family. We are loving her being part of our family. She loves playing with our sons new puppy, Castor  

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Crystal writes, "I seen this sweet girl on the website. Went to visit her, and absolutely fell in love! She was a slight pos with heart worms, but didn't stop from trying to get her! After new testing she is neg for hw. She's an absolute beauty!"