Happy Beginnings

CAP is able to adopt out many animals to happy forever homes. Adoptive families share their joy below with pictures and stories. Help us make this possible for all our homeless animals through a donation to CAP today!

Happy Beginnings Submissions

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61d8fefac1038 Picsart 22 01 07 20 57 04 010 copy 613x817We adopted Princess (Clove) 2 months ago. She is our first pet and our family loves her so much! She is already part of the family and does so well with our kids. She's affectionate, silly, and love cuddles. I'm so happy we went to CAP for her. As soon as we walked in, I knew she was the one for us!

6192e410d9070 IMG 4670 Small   My boyfriend and I adopted Cooper last year and just celebrated his 2nd birthday. He brings so much joy to our lives and is an incredible addition to our family. Thank you so much to CAP for rescuing and caring for our baby.

6182e9e75e3bf C6AAEE3E 0426 4E7A 9DA8 826F423FE1FC  6182e9e760295 AEB4C293 2AD6 4D57 B555 26C7E13BF3A5   We adopted Connor about 3 months ago so our other cat, Prince (also a recent rescue from CAP!), would have a brother to play with. We introduced them slowly and carefully, and they quickly became inseparable. They play, sleep, and groom together. Connor and Prince both seem so happy and I am so thankful to the staff at CAP for bringing these 2 lovely boys into my life.    

616f549b2db5c A2A124DF 16F5 4FB0 ABA6 65A35073ECEE 616f549b34016 5CB05687 F154 437C A103 84DFC4F520EE  After my husky passed away, the other dog of the family was a bit sad and lonely, so I decided it was time to bring a new companion to our home. After a few tries with several dogs, Duke was a perfect match. His calm personality and happy demeanor brought joy and happiness. He is a cuddler and loves chasing squirrels in the backyard. He has gotten along with every other dog he met, and he liked treats and will make a little dance each time he gets one offered. Thank you CAP for helping me find a suitable companion to my home.

616d610553757 FBC528AF D39B 46D9 959E D44B47F4A8CBWe are in love with Rooster Cogburn, formerly Chimichanga. My husband and I visited CAPS on a Saturday and left without adopting, but returned the following day because we wanted to visit with one pup we noticed on the way out the day before. We took him home and he has become a beloved member of our family!!

616cbc0d2a1ca 06C234AF 91DE 4D3A 805C 2863267D3293 1 hb  We were looking for a feline friend for our cat, Panda. His best friend passed away about 2 years ago and we felt like we were ready for a new furry family member. We actually went to the shelter several times and ended up taking one kitten and two adults with health issues. Pumpkin was very shy and took the longest to get comfortable, but now, she is just as friendly and inquisitive as the others. We love our CAP pets so much! Thank you!

616c5ab6674a6 B9DFB7FD 8D5D 421D 889B 303FDCFFA922616c5ab668362 E8047C9A 5745 430B A320 CE077A7CB5B0 We lost our sweet rescue yorkie at 14 years old and after a year, we were ready to get our boy Trigger a friend. When went to CAP to just see if we were ready to get another. We noticed Gigi(former JJ) was an owner surrender, 6 years ikd, blind in one eye, and had some medical issues. She also was very vocal, but we also know that they are stressed out . We took her into the room with our kids and she immediately became a part of our family. She leaped into our laps and we decided then, she was coming home with us! After a couple days, it was as if she had been with us forever. We love her so much!

616c50b660d17 B7E9CADF 1860 4936 9CE7 5B8C1BA05053  616c50b663c0d 757DD0FF A234 41EA 9362 AE52551331AA  We wanted to add another rescue/adopted pet to our family. We had previously adopted a dog for years ago from CAPs as a therapy dog for our youngest. Someone for him to love and help take care of. That dog immediately was the sweetest most loyal addition to our family! Chloe immediately became a member of our family and we love her dearly. However, recently since Covid and us spending a lot more time at home we noticed that with the restrictions uplifted and us returning back to her daily activities work/and kids in school that Chloe seemed lonely, therefore we decided to add another member to our family. We went to CAPS walked in and my children immediately fell in love with Charlie. Since the day we picked her up we have loved her like we’ve had her forever and she’s already a member of our family and fit right in! Chloe and Charlie have become The best of sisters and has helped Chloe be more active by having a younger sister puppy to entertain. Thank you to caps for all they do for the animal community!

616871b09797c IMG 1260 616871b09ae3e IMG 2157 Reese has become the best running and travel buddy. She has the most gentle nature, and is incredibly sweet to all the people she meets, and quickly befriended my cat. Her positive energy and cuddly personality make me laugh every day.

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We adopted Nina just before the COVID epidemic struck the United States. We didn’t know how important Nina would be to us to help us through the ups and downs. She is our little fur baby and I am so happy to have met her through CAP!