Happy Beginnings

CAP is able to adopt out many animals to happy forever homes. Adoptive families share their joy below with pictures and stories. Help us make this possible for all our homeless animals through a donation to CAP today!

Happy Beginnings Submissions

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Pogo 5 15aD

Pogo 5 15bD

Pat wrote,  Pogo has been a joyful addition to our family. He is so full of energy and playfulness! Our older dog, Flaco has returned to a youthful pup just trying to keep up with Pogo. He has stolen our hearts and filled our house with laughter.

Buddy 5 15aD

Buddy 5 15bD

David wrote,  Buddy and I adopted one another that day. The process was relatively easy and simple and Buddy headed home with me. He is a very loving and wonderfully good-natured pup! He loves to run and play and is not too rough with other pet/adoptees of mine. My 6 cats have "trained" Buddy.....he knows the boundaries and limits they have set.  He is a wonderful companion and playpal with my black mini-dachshund, Buffy, who is 5 months old.
 Prior to Buddy's arrival, Buffy's wrestling and playpals were the 5-month trio of kittens, a 3-month kitten and a 2-year old tabby. The cat and kittens all played and romped with Buffy who was smaller than they were.  Buddy came into the picture and the rules had to be set by the felines!
 Buddy has adapted and all is well in our household. Buddy even eats with and among the cat and kittens and Buffy. All are getting along with each other and I am so happy to see and be part of this special family. Buddy is so much fun and extremely lovable and loving. He savors the attention given him and reciprocates it as well. He takes "commands" well. He is very obedient and smart. He appears to be content in his new home and that makes me ecstatic for all my critters.

Nova 5 15 a

Nova 5 15 bD

Catherine wrote,  We brought Nova home to meet our 4 year old Rhodesian mix named Lilly that we adopted from CAPS 4 years ago. They were instant friends. Nova is 9 weeks old and is so smart and sassy!! She has enough energy to entertain Lilly for hours. The whole family enjoys playing with our new puppy and watching her grow.

Kinks 5 10 15aC

Kinks 5 10 15bC

Martinsen family wrote,  Kinks came in with his 3 litter mate. Kinks was playful and cuddly from the get go. We introduced him slowly to our two whippets, Boone and Blaze. We thought it would be at least a couple months before we could give Kinks full rights to the house, but he quickly proved us wrong. After two weeks with us the dogs and cats interact nicely and Kinks knows where to go if they are pestering him. He also isn't afraid to swat and hiss if he is uncomfortable with their interaction which is generally just because of the size difference. Our daughter begged for a cat for 3 years. We always told her know because we didn't think the type of dogs we had would work with a cat. With a little patience and supervised interactions they are great together. 

Athena 5 15aD

Athena 5 15bD

Lauren and Chris wrote,  Athena has been a part of our family now for over 2 months. We adopted her the day after she arrived at the shelter, and we are so glad. She's the sweetest girl. She's playful, smart, and she loves to cuddle. She's our little fur-child! Chris and I have been bringing her to our family events, and she is loved by so many!

DJ 5 15aD

DJ 5 15bD

Heather wrote, DarylJane "DJ", named by my 14 year old after her favorite character on her favorite TV show. She's the sweetest, most playful, stubborn perfect little puppy ever. There's never a dull moment and never a shortage of laughs and puppy kisses.

Abbie 5 15aC

Abbie 5 15bC

Jennifer wrote, Abbie came and immediatley made herself at home. The picture of the kids in the floor at bedtime with Abbie was eight hours after coming home. She was ready for prayers and bedtime. I have never met a cat so laid back and comfortable. We are so thankful we went back and asked for help meeting Abbie. She is in her forever home. 

Sunny 4 15aD

Sunny 4 15bD

 Stephanie wrote,  Growing up in Katy I have always adopted my family members from CAP. In the last 6 months I lost both of my dogs Sadie and Sam from complications of doggy old age (13 and 15 years young). My quiet house and my heart knew it was time for a new buddy. Roscoe (Sunny Bunny) looked right at me and I knew he was mine! When I first brought him home he was scared of everything...other people, other dogs. He is growing every day! He meets knew friends around my house everyday...and LOVES to play fetch with a tennis ball. He fills my heart with joy.

LucyWasPower 4 15D

Caroline wrote,  Its me Lucy, I am doing with my new family. Its been two weeks since I came to live with my new family and I couldn't imagine life without them. I'm their princess. I have a older fury brother named Dusty (he is 9) and I have a younger human brother named Joseph (2), so I am the only girl. Mom and dad spoil me. I sleep in bed with mom and dad and I'm dads shadow most days. When Joseph comes home from school he takes me on long walks and lets me watch Mickey Mouse with him at bedtime. I am so happy, that I have stopped having accidents in the house and I don't hide food anymore. My mommy just told me the other night, that she couldn't imagine our family without me.


Trisky 4 15aC

Trisky 4 15bC

 Rick wrote,  On March 1st we adopted a 3 month old kitten. His name was Napoleon. He was brought in at about ten weeks old with a non functioning left front leg from a birth defect. He had severe nerve damage and muscle atrophy that rendered the leg useless. On top of that he was malnourished due to intestinal parasites. We fell in love with him while visiting with our Girl Scout troop. We loved how feisty he was only three days after his surgery. He was lucky enough to have an awesome foster mom named Mary to take care of him until he was well enough to come to his forever home. Mary carried him around in a sling to keep him still while he healed. It is not easy to keep a kitten still! Napoleon has been renamed Triskelion or Trisky for short. Triskelion is a Greek word for a symbol with three parts.Trisky has no limitations. He is happy, playful and very curious. His best friend is an 85 lb black Lab named Daisy who tolerates his sneak attacks very well. He is very loved by two girls ages seven and ten.