Happy Beginnings

CAP is able to adopt out many animals to happy forever homes. Adoptive families share their joy below with pictures and stories. Help us make this possible for all our homeless animals through a donation to CAP today!

Happy Beginnings Submissions

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Lilly 6 20 15 aD

Lilly 6 20 15 bD

Lily Sent by Sam.

Butter 6 15aC

Butter 6 15bC

Angie wrote, We brought Butter home on Sunday, May 31st and he has been an absolute dream! He is the calmest, sweetest most loving boy ever! He gets along great with our dog as well. He follows me everywhere, he is an amazing sweetheart and we are lucky to have him! He loves to lounge on the couch with me and watch TV which is perfect. 

Malcomb 6 15 C

Ken wrote,  Malcolm is doing well, has struggled to get over the upper respiratory infection he had when we brought him home but appears to get better each day. Getting along well with our other cat - they will never be close friends but tollerate each other OK.


Jackson Jesie 6 15Ds

Miriam wrote,   We adopted Jackson a year after we brought Jessie home, also from CAP. We wanted Jessie to have a dog friend and also because our kids kept fighting over her now they both have a dog to call their own friend.   (Jessie is the blonde one and Jackson the black one).


Snowy 6 15 R

Bernhard family wrote,  Our daughter had wanted a bunny rabbit for a long time and had been looking on the CAP site to find the perfect one for us. Snowy is a very sweet bunny and loves to be scratched behind the ears. Even our female lab loves to give him kisses.


Penny 6 15 D

Richard wrote,  Penny has been a wonderful addition to our "pack." From the day we met her at the shelter to the day we brought her home we knew she was the right dog for our family. Our older dog Redd connected with her right away. They love going to the park together and going for long walks side-by-side. She is extremely smart, playful, and very sweet. Its brought new life back to Redd and we are very grateful for that.


Bo 5 15 D

Charles and Ann wrote, We had been without a dog for 2 years since our one passed away. We knew we wanted an older, calmer dog who could get along with our cat. Bo fit our requirements to a "t". Bo and the cat got along right away. Bo made himself at home immediately. He hasn't met a couch or bed he doesn't like. He also loves to go for rides. He especially likes our truck.


Honey 5 15 D

Allan wrote,  We brought Honey to our home and she is truly a family member. She is smart, playful and loving belly rubs. Honery is very protected of our famil and a good watch dog. We are please and happy with our choice of pet. We would like to come back and adopt another family member.. What a wonderful experience!


Murphy 5 15aD

Murphy 5 15bD

Kyle wrote,  His beautiful green eyes and friendly approach stole our hearts the day we met him. Murphy the Mutt is very affectionate; he loves to cuddle and give sweet kisses. His new sister and playmate, Pagan the Pug, is warming up to this little bundle of energy. We are so happy to have adopted Murphy.

Megatron 5 15aC

Megatron 5 15bC

Michael wrote,  She's a sweetheart that loves playing with her toys.