Happy Beginnings

CAP is able to adopt out many animals to happy forever homes. Adoptive families share their joy below with pictures and stories. Help us make this possible for all our homeless animals through a donation to CAP today!

Happy Beginnings Submissions

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Blue 7 15Ds

Melanie wrote, Everything is going great and our new companion is a pleasurable member of our family. After being on a waiting list several visits online at the shelter over 6 months we found our boy Blue. BUT...the plan was to visit a different pup I found on the web site the night before. Checking online before driving over after breakfast to make sure he wasn't adopted last night, I noticed a new pup. Blue already left a lasting impression on me as he was 7 lbs bigger than his brothers sisters. I checked him over thoroughly and that was it...drafted up the adoption paperwork made one more peek in the window BLUE was ready to go home with me...wagging his tail and hopping up to see me. The next day I picked him up after surgery at the follow up VET appt they fell in love with him. His 3 y.o. brother was adopted as a pup as you can see from the pic they are teaching one another and 5 days in they love their forever home and us, Our family is now complete. New baby is doing great. Kennel training, poddy training, walks are a breeze...he just is so eager to please. I wanted to share our story in hopes everyone looking is patient and really knows the breed their personality type when choosing a forever I am very blessed to have both my furry sons.


CocoSK7 15C

Brenda wrote,  Coco really is a super kitty. She made herself at home just as soon as we arrived. The next day she was hard at work supervising her person. She met the dog and after setting him straight about who really is in charge, they decided to tolerate each other. She is a great fuzzy addition to the family.


Smushy7 15aD

Smushy7 15bD

Katelyn wrote,  I am SO thankful to have found my new pup, Smushy. I was nervous about adopting from a shelter for the first time, but CAP was very easy to work with and I could not ask for a better dog! I was prepared for the stress of raising a puppy (the chewing, the potty training, etc.) when I got Smushy, but little did I know I was getting the sweetest, most calm, loving, and well-behaved dog I have ever met! She loves to cuddle and sleep! She has brought nothing but joy and great companionship to my life. Smushy is extremely loved and spoiled by all. 

RileyHBThe best part of a long journey is coming home to a nice, warm, comfortable dog bed. Riley the Terrier mix started his adoption journey last January when he was found wandering the streets as a stray dog. He was nervous when first arriving at CAP, but quickly came out of his shell and is a friendly and sweet boy. Riley had to detour into a foster home for four months while being treated for heartworms. Once Riley received the all-clear for adoption his adoption journey continued. After several weeks of meeting fellow travelers known as potential adopters, Riley found his ideal life companions and set off toward his new forever home.

Rudy 7 15aD

Rudy 7 15bD

Courtney wrote,  When we first came to adopt Rudy, he was a very sad puppy. He HATED the leash, he wouldn't go outside. He would hold back on his leash and stay by the door. He wasn't hyper or playful at all like most puppies are. We then found out that he had already been adopted at CAPS recently and then brought back. People usually like adopting the puppies that are playful and hyper but I wanted to adopt Rudy because it looked like he needed a little bit of love. He was a very smart dog we came to find out when we took him home! In the beginning he was afraid of doors, cars, other dogs, water, and even the stairs. But he overcame all of these obstacles. We even noticed that he acted strange around men as if they scared him, because he would stand behind the women in the house. He became more and more comfortable and now he loves people and dogs as well. We take him to dog parks sometimes and he just loves running and playing around with the other dogs and other people, and even jumping around the water which he was previously afraid to do! When we have unfamiliar visitors at our house he jumps on them and greets them, tail wagging, even the U.P.S guy. He's a sweet boy and we love him very much. I'm glad to say that although we believed he might have had a difficult past, he has gotten through it and has realized this is his forever home. Now every time we leave the house, he knows that we will always return. 

Bella 6 15aD

Bella 6 15bD

Sam wrote, he is doing great, we all love her and has become an important part of our family. 

Oreo 6 15aD

Oreo 6 15bD

Brenda and Garth wrote,   OREO picked us on May 16th. One of our dogs had passed away after a long illness, and we were looking for a companion for our other one. Although smaller than we had in mind, we couldn't resist her loving eyes and the attention she awarded us. Being the same size as her new friend, they get along famously, romping and playing. Her love and attentiveness toward us melts our hearts everyday.

Darcy6 15D

Trudi wrote, decided that I needed a furry companion. Saw Darcy's profile and couldn't wait to meet him. I still remember how he jumped into my arms. It's been three months since I got him, and I couldn't be happier. He loves to go jogging and biking with me. Always get smiles when others see him buckled in his basket on our rides. He also just loves to cuddle. He's such a cute lovable little guy, and I'm so glad he's mine.


Piper 6 15D

Bailey wrote, Piper is adjusting very well to her new home and family. She loves to spend her afternoons with her many toys (her favorite is Linda the Lion) and looking out the living room window at all of the neighborhood activity. She loves to chase squirrels, go on walks and runs with her Mama in the evenings, and play fetch with her Dad. She loves to be around people and is very affectionate. Piper is extremely energetic, playful and loves all eyes to be on her. She doesn't bark very often and although she likes to chew and be active, she is very well mannered. We love her so much and are so glad we found her.


Abbey 6 15aD

Abbey 6 15bD

Sean wrote,  Abbey is doing great! She fit into the family immediately. She is very well adjusted in only two weeks. We have our little routine and she has it down to a T. She's a very happy girl and I am so happy I adopted her. She even gets along with my cat Teak whom I rescued from CAP back when you all were in your old building. Abbey and Teak are definitely partners in crime! There's never a dull moment.