Kids & Kritters Summer Day-Camp 2021

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What makes our camps special?  And why we are not a petting zoo.

We keep our camps small so that each kid gets real time with the various animal guests.  We also learn a lot about our furry guests.  What they eat, how they live and the challenges they face.  We discover what makes each animal special and why it matters how we treat them.  We empower kids to find out how they can help companion pets and wildlife.  And kids are encouraged to critically think about their role in caring, protecting and respecting all creatures, great and small that share our communities. Our camps are solid humane education programs that incorporate science, technology, and art. Games, crafts, and hands-on animal interactions make each day fun and help children to develop a positive and respectful attitude towards all living beings.

This is a half day camp and a great option for children yearning to learn about animals and wanting to help our shelter pets.




All camps are 8:00am – 12:00 Noon and $50 per child per day   


Fur-Ever Friends For kids 6 -10 Tuesday,  August 3rd           only 3 spots left

This half day service-camp celebrates our relationship with animals. Campers will learn about the needs of animals and get some practice reading our pet's body language. Kids will also get a bit of hands-on experience meeting pets, caring for cats, and constructing enrichment toys for our various shelter animals. We will make connections between animals and our own life experiences while learning how to care and communicate with the many pets that are part of our very own families.

Humane Heroes For kids 10-14 Wednesday,  August 4th

Explore the challenges animals face in our world today and learn how to help. Games and activities teach training tips, proper animal handling and focus on actions kids can take to improve the lives of animals today.  Special attention will be given to dog bite prevention and safety around our furry friends.  If weather permits, kids will be able to walk dogs in pairs.  CAP strives to empower the next humane generation to make better choices for themselves and our animal friends. 



To register your child print, complete our day-camp registration form, and submit to our CAP Humane Education Coordinator.

Questions? Anyone interested in CAP Kids & Kritters Summer Camp should also read our online Camp FAQs page.



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Together we can change the world one kid and one pet at a time!