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Our CAP Ebay Store is now officially at its new location at 8950 Clarkcrest (just south of Westheimer off Fondren, right pass Louis Shanks Furniture Store). We will have a much larger space at half the cost and lots of room for collecting wonderful items to be sold on eBay and during our monthly “Warehouse Sales”. Please send your email address to Hershey Grace so we can keep you informed regarding our monthly “Warehouse Sales” and other fun upcoming events.


CAP eBay & Warehouse Store

8950 Clarkcrest

Houston, TX 77063. (Map)


Hours: We will not have set store hours. Please call, 713-393-7748 or contact Hershey Grace to save a trip in case we are closed.


We greatly appreciate your support and donations for the last several years but due to the closing of our CAP Thrift Store we will no longer be able to accept certain items. With rent and utilities continuing to increase we must cut our overhead and consider what is best for the animals we care for at the CAP shelter. Starting our eBay site this year has greatly added to the funds we are able to raise with very little overhead costs. We hope you will continue to help the animals by donating the items we will be able to accept and know there are always some exceptions to every rule. Thank you for helping us with this new adventure. Your support is greatly appreciated.

For donation information: Hershey Grace


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