Pumpkin ~ 37089533 *VIP*

Handsome Pumpkin originally came from a home where the wife was allergic to him.

He is very affectionate, friendly and vocal, loves being petted and gets along well with other cats, is easy going and friendly with dogs, and easygoing, friendly, playful and loves to be petted by children of all ages. Got along well with their two dogs and 10 month-old grandchild. Loves to be where the family is and needs a lot of love. After being sent to a shelter, Pumpkin was adopted by another family but was unhappy with the litter box maintenance of the owner and being kept in a crate, so he expressed his sadness and frustration in unacceptable ways. After 5 years with his first family, Pumpkin deserves another good home with a family who will give him the love and attention he deserves, and who will make a special part of their family.

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