Zorro ~ 34849638 *VIP* *Adopted!*
Zorro's wish list includes a home with active adults and a yard to run around in.
The big outdoors appeals to him and his high energy level, and he doesn't want to live in an apartment again. He wants to be out where there's a chance of spotting a critter to chase - like a squirrel or a cat. He'd also be thrilled if you would buy him a Top Paw 36 crate. He had one in a previous home and loved it! He likes agility, car rides, fetch, running, tugging, toys, and going for walks. He also LOVES water can't swim very well. He's good on a leash. The adopter who had him the longest said that he is house trained, but his recent owner said that he occasional submissive urination issues. He is afraid of children and needs to be in a household with people aged 17 and above. He likes human grownups. He is pretty picky about other dogs and might not want to share a home with one. He wants to be top dog and this is stressful for him. If you have a dog, they need to meet since he is seriously into rough housing. He knows some unusual commands like "it's time for bed," "get your toy", and "leave the kitty alone" along with fetch and heel. An obedience course would be a great addition to his life and fun for him. Rover Oaks in Katy gives 50% off a 7-week course to CAP dogs. This 45-pound shy, sweet, loving youngster likes laps. He needs the right home to flourish and be the best pet he can be.

Because Zorro has been at the shelter for more than a month, he is a VIP and his adoption fee is waived for the month of May.
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