Rusty ~ 38240883 *Adopted!*
Rusty is a big friendly guy that will reward you with kisses.
Rusty's family say that he is a good dog but he can't live with them where they are moving. He is used to getting his own way so if he decides you'll adopt him, you probably will. He has a lot of energy and likes agility, car rides, and going for walks. At 83 pounds, it can be a challenge to handle him since sometimes he goes where he wants to go. He's a smart guy and knows the sit, stay, no, and down commands. He knows come too and can go off leash since he'll come when you call him. He behaves well at the dog park and wants to play with dogs he sees on walks. He is easygoing, friendly, and playful with other dogs but he only likes friendly dogs like himself so if you have one, they need to meet. He needs to approve them. Even though he lived outside during the day, he is house trained and will stand by the door when he needs go to out. Because of his size, strength, and nervousness about sudden movements toward him, we recommend that he not live in a home with children. He is protective of his home and family and will provide excellent home security. He probably won't object to some obedience training so he can show off how smart he is. He'll be much easier to handle once he graduates. Rover Oaks in Katy provides CAP dogs with a 50% discount. Come meet this big lap-loving guy and consider making him part of your family. He'll thank you by letting you give him treats.
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