Ricky 34989824 
Ricky is a special guy who needs some help with eating because of a digestive condition called megaesophagus.  He's got a lot of TLC to give in return for yours!
Ricky 34989824 
Ricky is a special needs adoption because he has a condition called Megaesophagus. His esophagus is very enlarged, it no longer propels food and water to the stomach. This leads to regurgitation of food and water. His food needs to be given either at his head level or just above by buying a big dog elevated food bowls. If it is hard for him to reach you can purchase a kid step stool so he can reach his food (and he will look cute doing so). There are also special chairs for feeding dogs with this condition. 
His food needs to be either an oatmeal consistency or watered down food. He needs to be fed 4-5 small meals throughout the day.
Please research megaesophagus before adopting Ricky. He needs special care, but he is more than worth it!!
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