Dash ~ 33939052  *Adopted*
Dash is really hoping for a good life. This 33-pound older pup was adopted as a little pup but recently returned. He is a good dog and true to his herding breed traits.
He likes to chase small animals such as cats and can nip at peoples ankles in an attempt to herd them. So, Dash would be best with children over 10 years old. He will probably get along with your dog if you have one but he plays roughly. If you have a dog, please bring it to meet him. Bring the kids to meet him too. At the shelter, he is quiet, cautious, but friendly and affectionate.  He does fine on a leash. He is probably not house trained because he lived outside so please be patient with him as he adjusts to a new loving family and a new home. He is an energetic guy who would be best with an active owner/family. Please consider adopting this handsome young boy. 
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