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CAP is able to adopt out many animals to happy forever homes. Adoptive families share their joy below with pictures and stories. Help us make this possible for all our homeless animals through a donation to CAP today!

Happy Beginnings Submissions

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romeo_andbella_3-28-09_1_crWe adopted BoyGeorge renamed Romeo because he's so loving on 3-2-09 to be a friend to our chihuahua, Bella.  Romeo has adjusted  so well and fits in perfectly with all 3 of our dogs and other cat, and our  human family too.  He is sweet, gentle and loving.  But best of all  is that he and Bella bonded right away and now they are best friends and in love. They cuddle and Romeo spends hours licking and cleaning her. They also play all the time and chase each other throughout the  house. You can be assured that he will always be loved and spoiled for  the rest of his life! The Lindseys

I adopted Chloe (was Maggie) when she was 8 weeks old from CAP November 2005. She was a small, cuddly puppy (8 lbs) that had been an unwanted litter turn in. ....she is now a beautiful, loving companion (60 lbs) at almost 3 1/2 years old! She is my best friend and has helped me stay focused on my school work throughout the years! I'm currently in medical school, and she is the one that lets me know when it is time to take a break! She loves daily walks, all her toys (she has her own toy box), playing ball, going to the dog park (especially swimming in the dog ponds), her variety of treats/chews, and excursions to the beach! maggie_akachloe_2-21-09_3_smShe is a favorite with my family and everyone loves her! I could not have asked for a better dog! .... thanks for giving me the love of my life and I'm looking forward to maybe getting her a companion a little later on! This is my second adoption experience with CAP. My parents actually adopted my childhood dog Frosty from the shelter back in 1990. She was probably the best and sweetest dog I have ever known. She treated my little brother and I like her own little puppies! Sadly, in May of 2007 she had to be put to sleep, when a neurological problem caused her to lose the ability to control muscles in her legs. She will always be remembered and loved, the vet estimated that she was 2 years old when we adopted her, so she was probably 17-19 years old when she finally left us all....Carlye

In memory of Frosty.

Benji_Recd10-22-08_aCrBenji_Recd10-22-08_bCrI had been searching long and hard to find a pit bull that I could adopt and give a forever loving home. .... I decided to go and see all of the dogs for adoption. A red nose pit bull puppy named Rambo immediately caught my eye, but he had not been socialized with other dogs and I already had another dog. Then I found Benji! His former name was Hesu, but I knew Benji was the perfect name for him. He has become such a wonderful addition to my family. My other dog Cubby, and border collie pug mix loves Benji and they are the best of friends. Benji has become such an amazing dog and puts a smile on my face pretty much all day. I am so lucky to have found him. I think adoption is the way to go when getting a new animal, and all of my dogs in the future will be adopted! .... I love him so much and would be lost without him.

Willa_WasPixie_10-1-08_AtCap_Enl Willa_WasPixie_10-1-08_NowCr

We adopted Pixie now called Willa (about 35 lbs.) on Sept 10th 2005 and we're so glad we did!  Hurricane Katrina had devastated the gulf coast so while running errands I visited CAP to make a donation for Katrina rescues. .... We went to say hi to the animals and I remained unmoved - then someone brought Willa out from the back. I fell in love. The next several hours meant making sure our current dog liked her, filling out the paperwork, waiting in line to adopt, and giving her a bath in back of the shelter prior to her spay the next day - she was so dirty from being picked up out of the water in LA. Willa had no house or leash training so we worked with her. She grew into a beautiful dog and is a boon companion who keeps us laughing on a daily basis and we love her dearly.  I'm deeply grateful to the heroic volunteer who spent his time driving to LA and back to rescue animals in need. Thank you all for bringing her into our lives!  Lyn
Additional note: Our other dog is a white standard poodle named Zulu. He was adopted at the age of 5 from Poodle Rescue of Houston .... and is now about 12 years old. He's a noble gentleman who puts up with Willa's antics graciously ;-) She helps keep him active and young at heart. We abrought him to CAP to meet Willa before we made her adoption final.

romeo_8-22-08_2_sm_bd9-08romeo_8-22-08_1_sm_dogpark I adopted Romeo, from your shelter 4 years ago, on August 8, 2004 to be exact. That was the day my life changed for ever.  It was the day a 28 lbs dog walked in to my heart and stole it.  Since that day I have been gladly owned by him.         When Romeo first came to live with me, he was very afraid of everything, now he has no fears. He is a very confident dog, happy, and loving dog.           Romeo is now considered a 'senior citizen' ( if I go with shelter's age he is 10 yrs, with vet's estimate between 12 and 13 yrs) but someone forgot to tell him that.  Among other things, swimming is his absolute favorite activity.  Well, is really up there with snoozing, next to his mommy.


We adopted Louie (formerly Seth), a lab/Husky/Shepard mix on  Valentine's weekend (2/16/08). He is such a love. Loves being hugged and  giving kisses. He's also a bit of a clown. On 3/02/08 we adopted Daisy a  pure bread Catahoula. We rescued her from an abusive neighbor .... She  too is a love. Louie fell head over heals in love with Daisy and the two have  been living happily ever since. We just celebrated Louie's first birthday. Pictured are Daisy (left),and Louie the dog and Dale.

shylo_and_mac_6-14-08_Sm.jpg Shylo(CAP name Sierra) was adopted June 2004. Who would have thought this abandoned, very hyperactive puppy would turn into the best dog. Shylo now works as a certified therapy dog working with persons suffering from brain injury. She is amazingly calm and obedient with her patients. Thanks to her foster mom PamM. for taking care of her. You aright she is a very sweet girl. McKenzie(CAP name Jenna) was adopted as a 9 week old puppy in Jan 2005. She has grown into a big girl, a very loyal and loving companion. she loves being brushed and taking walks.
Shylo would NOT be alive today if PamM. had not offered to be his Foster Parent. SAVE A Life .... Be a Foster Parent! Please consider fostering a medium or large dog....They also want to live!

gunner_andmystik_6-8-08_200.jpgI was loved by a great foster mom and altho I miss her, In August of 2007 I fell in love with my new family of humans and Mystik the cat. They all play with me and take me lots of places! I love to ride in the car each day to take my kids to school although I always wonder why I can't go with them into the big building, I'd really like to meet all of those other kids there! It's best when they come home and love on me in the car and then play with me after school. I like to go to the country and Petsmart and for long walks with my people and cat. I enjoy the trampoline, food and when we have company. Life is good!

Gunner would NOT be alive today if Vickie had not offered to be his Foster Parent. SAVE A Life .... Be a Foster Parent! Please consider fostering a medium or large dog.... Large dogs ALSO want to Live!

skittles_girl_6-5-08_sm.jpgStephanie writes, "I adopted Skittles on June the 1st. She had been fostered and part of the Weekend Sponsor Program. I had seen her many weekends for about two months and could not keep my heart from always going back to visit her. My other "kids" love her and she is learning that it is okay to play again as she is now the oldest (seven years old)  in the family. She is very sweet and loving and I have no regrets on letting her be a part of our lives."

marlboro__5-14-08_sm.jpgmacgyver__5-14-08_sm.jpgPam writes,
I just wanted to share my happiness with my 2 newest family members adopted in April 2008. Lucky (formerly Marlboro) and MacGyver are a complete joy and are being welcomed by 4 other CAP graduates Angel (17 years, cat) Barney (16 years, dog) Sheena and Sully (11 years, cats) with open arms now. Lucky and MacGyver were persistent in being accepted into the family and have found their place. I had just put down a new cat due to an unforeseen illness only 3 months after adopting him (SPCA). My coworker had the CAP website up and I took a look out of curiosity. Never in a million years did I imagine that I'd be adopting 2 brothers only 3 days later! I really liked their picture online and fell in love immediately when I came to visit them at the Shelter. The first day in their new home, they wouldn't let me leave them in their temporary guest room while getting adjusted to their surroundings- they were all over me with kisses and love. They were among the general population the next day getting to know everyone. While I don't recommend this introduction so quickly, I was amazed at how cats that had never been around dogs or didn't like dogs were rubbing up against my Barney (16 years) within about 2 hours. It was amazing! We've had our challenges at bedtime when all 5 cats want to sleep as close to me as possible, but we're working through them and I believe I've been blessed with these
2 unexpected angels in our home...