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We adopted Frankenstein on Halloween, hence his name. He is a typical boy and fits in our family. He loves to play and squeeze into the tiniest spaces. It was a bit of a rough start for the poor little guy after getting him from the shelter, with five trips to the vet in the first two weeks, but he’s strong again with a healthy appetite for food and fun.  Frankenstein loves to play, especially with anything that dangles or has a tag on it. He also loves to climb and enjoys playing in cardboard boxes. Frankenstein keeps very clean and doesn’t mind having a bath! Cheers from Kate, Tim, Tyler and Frankenstein

Dawn writes,  This photo shows Hermes (adopted in September 2009) snuggling with Lilly (adopted 12-31-09).  Looks like they are great friends already!

Jellybean129Cr JellybeanAnPal129Sm
Jellybean was adopted from you three years ago.  He is doing great and he is soooo spoiled!!!!

they changed my name from Smoothie to Rocky. It's kinda macho, right? My mom and dad are cool. The vet said that I was lucky to be adopted by this family. Doc says I need  to brush my teeth better. He also thinks I'm a little older than 1 year old. My family doesn't mind the fact that I'm a mature fella. They are really glad about not having to deal with potty training.
The girls are great, too. They let me sit on the couch beside them. I like to cozy up on the soft pillows. They even let me sleep in their beds. My mom needs my help to wake the little sister, KC. She sleeps pretty hard, but nothing is too difficult for me. I just kiss her all over until she gives me a big hug. The big sister, Caitlin, is kind of unhappy with me for chewing up her knitting yarn. I say she shouldn't have let it where I could get my paws on it. I bet she'll let me snuggle up in bed tonight anyway. When it's time for bed I get right under the covers, just behind the knees where I'm nice and warm.Now, I do like to chew on things. I've been known to chew some toys. I am having so much fun! I just love running around with my partner in crime, Bonnie. We like playing with KC and Caitlin,too. Flicka the rooster and Henny-Penny are staying in their little yard, while Bonnie and I get the big backyard.Mom is always bragging about my good manners. The girls can't stop noticing all the tricks I can do. Bonnie doesn't really do tricks. KC was the first to see me sit pretty and beg for doggy biscuits. Caitlin showed the rest of the family that I could fetch the rope toy every time. Dad takes me walking and admires the way I heel. But most of all, Dad likes the way my ears are always up. He says that is the sign of a smart dog. Bonnie can't do that either. Mom told Gaga and Popo that I ave a soft mouth with toys and stuff. I think that means that I'm gentle when people take things from me. And that's a good thing.
Oh dear, Mom says I sound a little snobbish toward Bonnie. That's not true. We were a little jealous of each other at first. I tried to growl at her when she wanted to eat out of my bowl. She would snap at me when I had a rawhide bone. But all-in-all, we are getting to be best buds. My new family and I were made for each other.

Isabella aka Ikaru is a female DLH about 3 or 4 yrs old according to vet.  We were looking for a companion for our DLH male 12 yrs old who lost his Siamese 'sister' who died in November [they were very close & Romeo was lost without a friend].  Isabella was obviously very friendly to humans and made her self right at home.  We introduced them slowly and after a week the hissing [from Romeo] is  gone and they are getting on great. Isabella is a very affectionate lap cat and quite a 'lump' at 12+ lbs vs 7.5 lbs for Romeo. So far so good, think we made a good choice.  Ralph

I met Jasper 12/28/09. He jumped into my arms and showered me with kisses.  I knew immediately that he was coming home with me!  On 12/29/09 when Jasper was ready, I picked him up, and brought him to the house to meet his new brother and sister (Topaz and Peridot).  Everyone got along well from the start!  The only time we see any trouble is when Jasper decides that he is going to be the only one that eats!!! It has now been 2.5 weeks and he is adapting very well.  He is working steadily on potty training, and doing well.  He is the best snuggler in the world, and captures everyone's heart as soon as they see him.  I am  happy with my new baby!  And he seems happy too!   Laura

Tinker, who we adopted on 11/29/09 is settling in very well, made new friends with our Aussie and our cat. He loves his new Mama and family! Sweet little guy! Potty-trained and very smart!

We adopted Seduri (who we now call Maggie) Thanksgiving weekend. She is  doing great. She now has a best friend, Ginger who is a 6 year old  yellow Lab that we have had since she was a pup. We have over an acre of  land and they run and play all day. Ginger loves to swim in the lake behind our  house, but Maggie is not a swimmer yet. My guess is when it gets hot she  will decide to take a dip. Maggie loves to fetch and man can she run. She is as  fast as the wind and poor Ginger cannot keep up at times. .... She is extremely smart. She comes outside the fenced area with Ginger and I and has already learned not to go in the street or leave our  property . She is a wonderful dog and we (including Ginger) are very happy.

hb_Finn_and_AmyEvery dog has his day, and every dog has his story. What makes the stories fascinating are the transformations you can see take place. With a lot of love and patience and a few months in foster care, a dog can go from a scraggly stray to a loving and productive member of society. Finn and Amy are excellent examples of amazing dogs that have been adopted from an animal shelter and gone on to bigger and better things. Finn the Terrier was found as a shaggy dog running the streets looking for food. The moment we met Finn we knew there was something special about him, and that meant we had to treat him for heartworms. Finn was adopted very quickly after finishing heartworm treatment and was no longer that shaggy stray dog. A year later, in came Chihuahua/Papillion mix Amy- surrendered by her owner who no longer had time for her. Like Finn, Amy was diagnosed with heartworms, underwent treatment in foster care, and was adopted quickly. The amazing part is that the same family adopted them both! Finn and Amy are now certified therapy dogs and make regular visits to Memorial Hermann Katy Hospital. The patients and staff are delighted when these special pooches walk through the door, and look forward to many more visits.

Carlie_7142220_2-8-09_Carlie is the perfect example of ‘good things come to those who wait’. A woman who was going to try and keep Carlie originally found her out on the streets, but the other cats in the house were jealous of her beautiful long blue coat and told her she had to go. While in foster care and available for adoption, Carlie was a little lady who loved lounging around the house. Sprawling across the bed is one of her favorite pastimes! Carlie loved visiting PetSmart to see if she could find her home with someone there, she flirted with the passersby, relished the attention, and perched on their shoulders. After 10 months Carlie finally decided on her adopter and is living in the lap of luxury becoming the true diva she really is.