Happy Beginnings

CAP is able to adopt out many animals to happy forever homes. Adoptive families share their joy below with pictures and stories. Help us make this possible for all our homeless animals through a donation to CAP today!

Happy Beginnings Submissions

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DevinDudeMotor210CrLeilani writes, this is Motor(cat). I fostered him and after 3 different people adopted him then returned him, I had to adopt him he was to sweet to go through that again that was in 2005. Devin Da Dude are best friends and brothers.

Heather writes,  I adopted Peanut about a month after having lost a short battle with kidney failure with my six y/o cat, "Jellybean".  Loosing Jellybean was the hardest thing I've had to go through and the ordeal left a huge hole in my heart.  I felt so guilty for wanting to adopt so soon after Beans died but when I saw Peanut, I knew he had always been mine!  I instantly fell in love with him!  Peanut owned the place as soon as I brought him home and it was like he hadn't lived anywhere else.  He was fast friends with my dog, Pichu and my other cat, Kiwi.  He is such a boy kitten and sometimes I feel like I have a toddler, he's into everything!  Peanut keeps my boyfriend and I laughing.

Lenny20DLiz writes,  I adopted Shep (now "Lenny") on Feb. 2, 2010, and it was one of the best decisions I've ever made! Lenny and my other dog, Laverne, get along so well you would think they've known each other since birth.

Shelby110DMike writes, Shelby still working on the slogan she seems to be adopting as her own personal mantra.

TracieChad1-10_D_SmVikki writes, We adopted our "Tracie" about two months ago and she is doing very well.  We love her so much!  We aren't sure what breed mix she is, but I think she's Greyhound and Beagle mix. She has adjusted very well to our family and is pretty much Queen Bee!  Each one of us fights over who gets to take a nap with her - she's so wonderful to snuggle with. She loves the outdoors and has a blast trying to "get to know" our stray cat that adopted us two years ago!  Thanks for making our lives fuller and richer!

ZappaDeaf10_CSmPatty writes, I went looking for a kitten about 3 years ago and all yours were adopted out! But, I remembered coming there and thought I'd take the chance. Zappa is now the brother of Gizmo so how perfect is that! He is doing well. Quite the sweetie. He's been for his 48 hr. checkup and I also did the fecal exam and he's good to go. He has special tags coming with his name, address, etc. Patty

The Buchman family writes, I have always been a big advocate of "pound puppies".  In fact, I have never owned a dog that did not come from a shelter.  After Hurricane Ike, my husband and I fostered and then eventually adopted Ivy (the  black dog on the couch) from the SPCA.  She was a great companion for  my other 15 year old pound puppy, Marley.  In April of last year,  Marley became very ill and had to be euthanized.  Her passing was  devastasting for our entire family.  She was my baby before I had  babies.  Even Ivy felt Marley's absence.  We decided to give our  family some time before pursuing another dog.  We needed to grieve  Marley.  This December, however, we decided enough time had passed and  were ready for another dog.  On December 27, 2009, we walked into CAPS  and it was love at first sight.  Mazzy (named in memory of Marley) has quickly become the sixth member  of the Buchman family and she and Ivy are fast friends.  They rarely  leave the other's side.  As you can see from the photo, snuggling at  night is a favorite past time!  If they only had the whole couch to  themselves!!  We are lucky to have such an adorable, intelligent pup  like Mazzy and know Ivy is thrilled to have such a fun playmate!  

MavrickBelle110_DSmSandra writes,  We originally adopted Mavrick (prev "Gomer")our boy in January 2008 from CAP. We adopted Belle (prev "Tootsie") our little girl on Sept 2009 from CAP at PetsMart in Sugarland. They have both been a joy and have easily adapted to their new home. As you can see they are both fashion plates,and love to wear their "clothes". Our daughter also adopted our first dog, Lilyann,from CAPS over 7 years ago,and she lives with our daughter. All three dogs were 1yr old or less, and had been found on the streets and picked up.They did not start out with great lives,but they are now very much, living them.We would not know what to do without them.

After having our 9 year old Cat put to sleep the day before due to ill health. we adopted 2 kittens and call them Holly and Ivy.... both got colds the week before Xmas but after a quick call to the vet and some antibiotics both are now doing well.  .... it was fun to see them discover everything again when they were feeling better. ..They wake every morning at 5.45 (when alarm goes off) and both sit by the wanting breakfast.  When they have eaten its playtime, playing with toys then playing chase. Holly starts it and Ivy isnt far behind.  8am comes and they curl up on the chair for about rest before play time starts again, this usually lasts till 12ish when it seems they have decided this to be nap time and they either curl up together on someones lap or in a sun spot on the floor under the window.  Everyday Ivy wakes first and washes Holly to wake her and we more playtime until its time for their tea at 4pm... again they go to the pantry...once we have dinner they settle on our laps for a little while and around 8pm have a little play until bedtime....they both sleep on our bed.... Holly sleeps between our pillows and Ivy sleeps under her, using her as a pillow.  And once settled we don't hear a peep until the next morning when they wake me by licking my nose. They have settled in, are spoilt rotten, have a basket full of toys, a rocker toy and my husband has ordered a climbing tower and are well and truly members of the family.... we love them to bits.


Dave writes, Milo (Bodacious was his former name) is doing just fine. He is over the Kennel Cough he came home with and his surgery has heeled fine. He is the brown dog with the chew bone in the photos. The other dog (Finney) came from Furry Pals at about the same time, he is thought to be 10 months old and Milo a year and a half. They get along very well as you can see from the second picture, in fact they liked each other from the first minute. Being young dogs they play constantly, in fact, they are the first dogs I have ever had who will play tug of war with each other. They must have had some house training before I got them because that has been a minimal issue and now seems to be resolved almost completely. They are both people dogs, getting along with everyone who comes to the house; Milo is a lover, if there is a lap around he will be in it. While they can be in the back yard as much as they want they mostly follow me around. They are great dogs and are well on their way to many happy years.