Happy Beginnings

CAP is able to adopt out many animals to happy forever homes. Adoptive families share their joy below with pictures and stories. Help us make this possible for all our homeless animals through a donation to CAP today!

Happy Beginnings Submissions

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Talos40dI adopted Max now Talos or Tay as I call him, Easter Weekend.  I live with my 11 year old Chihuahua, Lina, and I was wanting a dog for both myself and to keep her company while I was at work. I looked through the dogs available for adoption....I found Max had been returned after 4 days and was told he may have behavioral problems and not do well with other pets. This made me hesitate but.. He jumped right in my arms and licked my face, I knelt down beside him and asked if he would like to come home with me.  .. I lost my "forever pet", Cisco, my soulmate, 3 years ago. Now I have found my new soulmate. "Tay" is an absolute lover. Integrating him into our family has been easy. I am developing a strong bond with him. He is my new buddy. He loves to ride in the car with me, go on walks, and play chase.

JessPete4cPeteCayl40cJessie is the calico. Pete is already outgrowing her by a lot. Caylie, holding Pete; both kittens on our bed the first day we got them, lying right where our beloved old Candy cat used to lie; playing on their new climber (my husband spoils them greatly); and cuddled on the spare bed with Caylie's stuffed animals.  They are so very sweet that I don't know what we did without them.  AND, kudos to Beth Clark for raising them so lovingly and gently.  We are extremely glad we got both of them, since they are truly "magnetic" cats - where one goes, you are sure to find the other.

TrumanMaggieNala41CrPatrice writes,  My sweet pooch Maggie, formerly Sunny, came from CAP on St. Patrick’s Day 2006. She has been a real joy to have around. Shortly after she was adopted I lost my kitty Mannix unexpectedly. This led to the addition of 3 kitties, including Truman and Nala, seen here with Maggie, and their sister Sheena.  Truman came when he was about 5 weeks old.  He instantly bonded with Maggie, and today they are fast friends. Maggie has a wonderful life, and I’m so glad you were able to bring her into my life.

Maggiemissy41dStacy writes,  Our family couldn't be more pleased with our recent addition.  In fact, we can hardly wait until the time is right to add another canine addition to our family, and rest assure we will be getting them from you.  Maggie formerly called Missy was a surrender, a messy hairball, scared and shy.  She is now warmed up to being the princess of the family, gladly sleeping between my husband and I at night, and never wanting to be more than a few feet away from the family during the day.  She is VERY well behaved and a joy to have.

Cookie41dHeather writes,  I'm so happy I adopted my puppy. We enjoy walks at Memorial Park every other day, and visits to the other pups at the dog park every day. She (Cookie) is happy, healthy, and has been a wonderful addition to my life!

MolleyAshDollySarg30CsSmLeon and Jessica write,   Me and my boyfriend adopted Molly (previously Ashley) and Dolly (previously Sarge) to complete our family back in January. We both love waking up to them and coming home to them and I'm pretty sure they like us too! Molly is the red head, obviously...she is the brain and a momma's girl :) Dolly is the brown and white tabby, she is the muscle and loves sleeping with her dad. We look forward to the future and everything it has to hold and don't mean to gush, but we love our big babies so much!

MiaC310Robin writes,  I am very happy with my newly adopted persian cat, Mia.  I didn't change her name because it suits her.  She is cute and has such a sweet nature.  I am so glad that I was volunteering the day I found her at the shelter

Smudge31b_cSmudge31a_cElaine writes,  "We adopted Smudge in December and he was really sick when we brought him home.  He is fully recovered and such a joy to us.  He came into our lives after we had lost two of our long time children Belle Kitty at 20 and Huggy Bear at 15 and he has brightened our lives so much!  He loves to play fetch with his mice and sponge balls and just about anything he can get into his mouth.  Smudge and his sister Serena are still feeling out their boundries but often I find them curled together cleaning each other up."
PepeSunny210CMelissa writes,   We adopted Pepe( prev Foxy) the dark haired tabby about a year ago on Valentines Day weekend, then this year we decided we wanted to continue the tradition this year and help another cat, so we got Sunny(prev. Bad). They are both the best cats we've ever had, they are so sweet, and if you can't tell their best friends.
CocoTaffie-210Melissa writes,  Coco the kitty was brought into our family for another kitten that was in the house.  The two cats did not get along right away…but Coco took right to both dogs even though she had not been with dogs.   Coco is pictured with Taffie.  Taffie is also a resuce pet.