Happy Beginnings

CAP is able to adopt out many animals to happy forever homes. Adoptive families share their joy below with pictures and stories. Help us make this possible for all our homeless animals through a donation to CAP today!

Happy Beginnings Submissions

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Paco50adDawn writes,   We adopted "Paco" on May 1st. He is adapting well to his new home. He is house trained and loves my two daughters. We are very lucky!

BeaureguardDaisy50dOran and Karin write,  The photo is Beaureguard and Daisy together very happy after a walk. They have been wonderful together, even sleep together. We found out that a lot of Beau's problem was his high energy level, and once we started really walking him, and getting him to be submissive to the pack leader, his pushing through, jumping up, and overexcitement nearly went away. I am saying nearly because he still get really excited to see us when we come home from work, but even that is more respectful, and gentler. Daisy was very submissive to start with, and enjoyed walks and pleasing us. Finally over the last couple of days her trust level was finally to a point her personality is finally coming out. She is a happy dog, playful, and makes you laugh, and want to have a good time with her. Her paperwork said that she had never walked on a leash before, but now she is walking perfectly beside me like she have been doing it all her life.  Beau was harder to teach to stop pulling, but last night, he walked about ¼ of a mile beside me, with a loose leash. we both felt great. Thanks for letting us take both of them, our house hasn't been the same since, and we are loving it.

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AthenaApollo50bDsNina writes,  I knew I was ready to adopt a dog and I knew I wanted a Rotti. I came across the CAPs website and saw a photo of Athena and Apollo. I immediately began making plans to have TWO Rotties as I could not bear to split the siblings up. They were beautiful. I contacted the foster mother who told me that Apollo had just been adopted out that morning, but that Athena was still looking for a forever home. Though I could not have the bother and sister together, I went to CAPs to see if I could offer Athena a home and immediately fell in love with her. I adopted her on the spot. She instantly made my life much more entertaining. We went to PetCo and shopped for toys and a new bed. We got a new collar and a name tag. Athena integrated into the family with minimal hiccups. Ah, but then, almost a week later, I got a phone call from the foster parent. She wanted to let me know that Apollo's adoption had hit a snag and he was back at CAPs. She didn't have to say another word, I was on my way! I arrived at CAPs to find Apollo waiting for me. AthenaApollo50aDsHis beautiful brown eyes were just too much and I fell in love right then! I know he could smell his sister's scent on me and he made it known that he would be more than happy to come home with me. I completed the adoption process and Apollo joined Athena as part of my family. They both have been a constant source of joy and laughter; each of them with their own personality. We enjoy watching brother and sister play and cuddle with each other and then come play and cuddle with us.   Note: Nina deserves special thanks for her kindness and compassion. She did what few people would do, she adopted two large dogs, brother and sister, allowing them to continue their life together! Thanks Nina for understanding animals have feelings and making it possible for this brother and sister, Apollo and Athena to stay together!.


Teresa writes,   The gray one is “Scratch” and the gray/white one is named “Sniff”, we call him Sniffy.  There are love it here and we love having them.


We just got our new kitty and named him Oliver. He has the best personality!

BaileyakJolie40dSamantha writes, I adopted Bailey (formerly known as Jolie) on April 5th. We got to take her home on April 6th. She has become well adjusted to her new home. She has a big brother, Bourbon, that she loves playing with. She also loves swimming in the kiddie pool we bought her. She is quite the ball of energy. She loves playing fetch and going on walks. She has taken well to any new people and dogs that are introduced to her. She always wants to play, which quite alright with us. We are ecstatic with our newest addition.
Amanda and Jason write, William (previously Toby), adopted on February 15, 2010 came to us with tons of energy, and that beautiful Golden Retriever demeanor with a strong willingness to please.  His training is going very well and last week he graduated with honors from beginner's education at Petsmart!  Along with learning new tricks, William likes to join us on hikes, bike rides, and to the dog park.  Jogging is a frequent activity we enjoy together and he has met lots of doggie (and human)friends along the way.  William even gets to go to day camp once a week at Waggin Tails Pet Ranch. Our kitty cat is still getting used to having someone around who just wants to play 24/7, but every day they get along better.  WilliamGr4dWilliam has a lot of potential to be an extremely well-behaved family member and our patience and consistency with him is really paying off.  In June, William will begin training in an Agility course at FlashPaws. Golden Retrievers are known for excelling in the sport and we think he will do great!  It's hard to imagine that anyone could give up on such a beautiful companion, but we are so happy that we were lucky enough to become his new family.  Thank you CAP for all that you do to help out animals that need homes.

Olive31dAndini writes,  Being newlyweds, we have decided to start our family by rescuing a dog but we ended up adopting 3. The first two were adopted on January 5, 2010 and the third one came home with us on March 7, 2010. Sausage (previously Annie) is a mixed of Corgi and Beagle. She is 4 years old. The second one is Trippy (previously Trixie), a super adorable dachsund (1 year old) and the last addition to our family is a mini schnautzer that we call Olive (previously Dalilah), also 1 year old. They get along very well and each has its own personality. TrippySausage30dsSausage is the big sister, Trippy is the clown and Olive is the talkative one. Our house has definitely become much more delightful and fun with their presence. Now we can't imagine our life without these 3 little rascals. We hope more people will take the time to visit the shelters so that more animals can finally get their forever homes.

thumb_BigRed_9555178a_3-7-10At times the world works in mysterious ways, bringing people and animals together with timing impossible to plan. If you are lucky, you are there to witness the events unfold from excitement, to disappointment, to sheer wonderment and happiness. Our Dachshund Big Red's journey began when he first arrived at CAP as a stray little dog and continued as he went to spend some time with his foster family. While in foster care he brushed up on his doggie skills and proved to be a wonderful pet. Big Red was also renamed 'Coney' by votes on the CAP Facebook page to see if a name change would help him get adopted quickly. The name Big Red or 'Red' still stuck though as it just seemed to fit the large personality of this little guy. One day a very nice woman named Danielle drove in from Waller with her little dog Stewie to see if he and Big Red would get along, in the hopes of bringing Red home with them. Later on that day, Danielle sent an email to Big Red's foster mom to let her know how the meeting went:

Stewie and I met Red, and you're right, he's the sweetest dog. After the initial greeting, Stewie and Red kind of ignored each other, but they seemed ok. I couldn't get Red to pay too much attention to me either, and I thought maybe it was because of the surroundings....until Marie came.

Stewie and I had been visiting with Red for about 30 minutes, and Marie came to return another dachshund to the shelter because he didn't get along with her other dogs. When Red saw her, I think he was smitten! Marie sat down and played with Red for about an hour, and they really hit it off. The shelter said she could adopt Red if she brought her other dogs to meet him first. I was okay with it, because he really seemed to like her. So Marie left to get her dogs and I waited with Red (you should've seen how sad he was when she left). I filled out an adoption application just in case she didn't return, but she made it back, with less than 5 minutes to closing! Red and her dogs seemed to get along fine and she adopted him!

I have to admit, part of me was a little sad when she came back, but seeing how happy Red was to see her made me think I made the right decision. Marie said she's going to email me pictures, so I'll make sure I keep you updated.

What are the odds that Marie would be returning to the shelter at the same time Danielle was visiting Big Red?! It sounds like Big Red choose his own home, sometimes the dog does know best. Kudos to Danielle for thinking of what would be best for Big Red and letting him follow his heart. We're still looking for the right Dachshund for her and are certain that another wonderful match will be made!