Happy Beginnings

CAP is able to adopt out many animals to happy forever homes. Adoptive families share their joy below with pictures and stories. Help us make this possible for all our homeless animals through a donation to CAP today!

Happy Beginnings Submissions

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Chiza Alba writes,  Here are Sabrina and Sidonie (formerly Annabell) relaxing in their cat tree. Both have adjusted well and are very sweet girls. I'm working on switching them to a raw diet so that they'll be as healthy as possible. They are slowly getting used to the idea of having a cat sister to share the house with! I'm sure as time passes they'll become best friends. I had a good experience adopting from CAP and am considering adopting again in the future.


Lucie loves her new home almost as much as we love her. She's a fidgety bundle of fun during the day or when anyone calls but she cuddles up on our laps in the evening. She's taken to sleeping at the foot of the bed at night. Our daughter's dog Jables, who was a CAPS adoptee as well, visited and they had fun playing chase  Lucie had a quick dip with us in the pool and she's a natural swimmer. She had her first car outing to PetSmart and of course yapped at every dog. She's having a ball and loves to be loved - no shortage both ways on that score.

bubba101gp1 bubba101gp2
Sylvia writes,  I adopted Bubba on September 25, 2010. He was the first thing I saw when I first walked in and I was in love instantly! He is such a playful  guinea pig and he is always hopping around in his cage. I know he is happy in his new home. He is absolutely a joy to have and I am so thankful that I adopted him!  Guinea Pig care.

George writes,   Marmaduke and Duchess came home to their forever home on September 23, 2010. They are two very cute and precious kittens of 14 weeks and 6 months of age. Duchess is still a little prissy and ‘Duke wants to play all the time with Duchess’s majestic tail. After all she does strut with is vertically and sometimes slaps ‘Duke with it other times. She’s older but I think in time he’ll get his way. For now an occasional hiss will put Marmaduke in his place. But, that’s not beginning to work anymore either and Duke just decides she ain’t  going to hurt him. Game on!  Both cats are super affectionate.

lolalila90cs1 lolalila90cs2
Cheryl and Jim write, This is a very happy tail for a family of four. Momma Lola and Aunt Lila were taken to CAP after being rescued from a Shipyard in Channelview. Lola's kittens were too smart and very hard to catch. So they followed thereafter and were separated for over a month from their elders. After escaping our rescue attempts twice, CAP was able to spay and neuter the kittens and we took them home. We finally got Lola and Lila recovered from upper respiratory, spayed and back to the kittens, Kirby and Katy Grace. Now they are all together in a beautiful screened-in porch with a huge cat tree, expensive cedar home and all the love and food they could dream of, thank you Megan,Jessica and  staff for helping us make this important transition from a shipyard to a safe and enriched lifestyle. This lovable family is so fun to observe, as they nurture each other daily. Although it took alot of patience, time and money, we are glad we didn't have to split up the happy foursome. My husband's soft heart for all animals, gave this family a second chance at a long and fruitful life.

faolanfriends90d faolan90d
Gretchen writes, "We adopted Faolan in March of 2010. Faolan (formerly Brownie) is doing great in his home. He loves playing with his doggy brothers, going to the dog park, running and walking around the neighborhood, and learning new tricks. He's always game for playing with a new toy or snuggling at my feet. He does think he's a lap dog, but at 85 pounds he's a bit too big for that! We were always hesitant to adopt a larger dog, like 85 lbs, because we thought we didn't have the space, but he really doesn't need much. If he gets daily walks, cuddles, and good food he's as content as can be."

rock90d rockkamaria 90d
Natalie writes,  We adopted Rocky On Saturday 9/11 which was the best day of Kamaria’s life.  Rocky is a little rascal but has been adapting well.  He loves all his new toys, house and all the love that he is getting.  He even knows how to sit and shake now. Rocky has turned out to be a cuddler.  He loves to sit on your lap and give kisses. He has adjusted very well in his new home and is learning to be a member of the family.  We feel very blessed to have had the opportunity to adopt him.

Gina writes, Gabriella adopted Kramer from Petsmart in January of 2009.  She was 4. He was not yet 1. They became inseparable instantly. He has taught her respect and responsibility.  She has taught him how to love and listen, and that there is more to life than people food.  Kramer (Peanut was the original name) has grown both in education and health.  Kramer’s favorite pastime is fetch and Gabby loves to indulge him.  You can’t approach Gabby as if you’re going to harm her – Kramer turns into the fiercest beast you’ve ever seen and protects her with a vengeance. They will be together for years to come. 

Fabricia writes, Shaggy is sweet, energetic, and he an Peppy are getting along very well. They like to run and play in the grass.


Kimberly writes,  This is my dog  Honey. I first met her when I started working at Rover Oaks Pet Resort and I immediately fell in love. I told my boss that I wanted her but I had to wait until I had a place for her. I finally got a place and now I have Honey at home and she loves it. She has her own couch and blankies and she has fun playing with Max (the other dog in the house). You may notice her face is slightly different but that's ok because when people stare I just tell Honey that they are only staring because she is so beautiful.