Happy Beginnings

CAP is able to adopt out many animals to happy forever homes. Adoptive families share their joy below with pictures and stories. Help us make this possible for all our homeless animals through a donation to CAP today!

Happy Beginnings Submissions

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Lani and Shane wrote,  When our friend Krista who is a kitten foster mom, called us one day to tell us there was a mastiff that had just been brought in, I was so excited to go meet him.  We had been talking about adopting a mastiff to provide some company to our female mastiff, Xena. I went to see him the first moment I could. I fell in love!  We knew that he had another application for adoption on him in front of us but I went ahead and applied.  We were so surprised & happy when Chumley came off stray hold. Chumley is such a sweet boy.  He loves to give kisses and ride in the jeep.  Most of the time he's happy to just be lazy on the couch all day, but he likes to play too and he and Xena chase each other out in the backyard.


Denise wrote, When I first came Lola and Lenny (aka Roland) were in the same cage together and I was only going to adopt Lola the black kitten but then when I saw them I couldn't leave Lenny behind. Our lives have not been the same!! They had to be nursed back to health (nothing serious) and anyone can see that they share a bond that can never be broken. I can't explain how I knew that they wouldn't survive without each other and I would do it all over again in a heart beat!

rockyheidi21dsThe Williamson family wrote, We were looking for a “lap dog” and a playmate for our existing german shepherd. She whines in boredom all the time…since we got Rocky, she has not whined or paid much attention to us.  Even though they are not matched in size, they do everything together, eat, sleep, and play ‘tug of war’ with their toys.  Rocky is very quiet, sweet tempered, and was housetrained in less than 3 days!  We are so glad to have him in our home.  He is very much loved and pampered and we hope he will soon forget any bad days he had in his past.


Grayson ( use to be known as Miles). he is a sweetheart and is very loving. Grayson likes to sit in my lap while I am on the computer and watch the screen.


Gloria wrote , We adopted Candy on January 11. She is the most precious sweetest little girl that we could ever dreamed about. She is so happy all the time. She is very curious and we never know where we will find her next. She is also very athletic and knows no fear. She is full of sugar and gorgeous. Candy has fit in with our family so well.


Bobi wrote,   We recently lost our cat of 20 years and happily adopted Lucy and Tux (Tuxedo) Satuday, January 8, 2011 while they were at Petco for the weekend! Its been quite an adjustment to have kittens again, but we LOVE them!They have been a fantastic addition to our family and they have doubled in size in the last week! These two have truly moved in and are sitting by the fireplace every's been wonderful!


marisolouzy1-1c redman1-1c

Our Beautiful Abyssinians   Marisol (formerly Couzy) and Redman. Pure Joy!  
Celebrating One Year Anniversary! -  Adoption Date: January 24, 2010 
Foster: Sherri       Adoptive Parents: Sandy and Jerry


jadetala1-1c jadetalasgt1-1cd
Mandy wrote, I adopted Tala, now called Jade on 1-13-11. She has been an awesome new addition to our family.  We have 4 dogs and 4 boys in our home but that didn't matter to her.  She warmed up to all of us very very quickly.  She was officially part of our entire family and had free roam over the whole house in less than 2 days after I adopted her.  That to me is amazing for a cat to do and accomplish so quickly. She is an amazing cat and I am so happy to have been able to adopt her. Jade is the most wonderful and pleasant cat I have ever known.  It is as though she was made for our family.  I couldn't have asked for  a better kitty than her. The whole family loves her.

baxter11c baxerandkeok11cd

Laura writes, Baxter has been a PERFECT fit in our home!!  He has got quite a personality!  We adopted him on December 26, 2010. He is the perfect cuddle buddy, and has put our dog in her place! They want us to think that they don't get alongbut a picture is worth a thousand words!



Farah and Kathleen write,  We adopted Addy 2 1/2 years ago. we looked around and spotted Addy who was as quiet as can be and it took both me and my little sister to wake her up just so we can get her out of the kennel. Once we got her home she quickly became adjusted to our lifestyle, loving life and has been the best dog I have ever known. Her personality is kooky and whiny but at the same time she is protective and kind and wants to be around you all the time. Who ever said that a Treeing Walker Coonhound couldn't get along with cats? Addy is the reason we now have a new addition to the house, our newest kitten we named MewMew.