Happy Beginnings

CAP is able to adopt out many animals to happy forever homes. Adoptive families share their joy below with pictures and stories. Help us make this possible for all our homeless animals through a donation to CAP today!

Happy Beginnings Submissions

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Denise writes, I adopted Cali, pictured with Abby, last month and my daughters and I can't imagine life without her. She has adapted and just has a joy for life. Her cute little quirk is that her right ear is always flopped down. She is a special girl and I am so thankful she was able to live and now be a part of our life. She is the 4th dog I have adopted from CAP. In 1987 I adopted Biff (he was a terrier mix and was with a litter of his brothers and sisters) and he lived for 18 years and was the first to steal my heart.  I adopted Bailey the Bassett Hound (someone bought her and decided they didn't want her) in 1997 and she just died this January at 14 years old.  I adopted Lucy in 2008 (chihuahua mix that a lady found and she painted her nails pink) and she is the joy of my life.  She loves her new sister Cali. Thank you CAPfor bringing 4 amazing dogs into my life.

rudy61d rudyfrankie61ds
Kathy writes,  Rudy joined our family on May 8th,Mother's Day. He had just been returned after three days with his previous owner. He adjusted quickly to his new home and is learning the ropes from his new Jack Russell Terrier brother Frankie. They are inseparable! Rudy loves to snuggle and go for walks!

xenawasprincess61ad xenawasprincess61bd

My name used to be Princess, but once my owner met me she decided I was too rough and tumble to be an ordinary Princess and named me Xena, the Warrior Princess! I love my new life full of new toys and yummy treats everyday. I get to go on walks at least twice a day and have my very own comfy bed where I tend to snore very loudly. I love to give hugs and make new friends everyday. I am one lucky dog.

Mary writes, A friend of mine suggest I adopt a kitty, I just lost mine due to sickness I had her for many years, I looked online at the web site immediately fell in love with Twinkles and hope she was as sweet as her pic, Came down saw her and she was the prettiest and sweetest animal I've ever came in contact with. I immediately adopted her and we have been the happiest pair, she sleeps with me all night, when I'm upset shes in my face as to say its alright mama. I just love her to death.

clemetine61ad clemetine61bdJW Kephart writes, Clementine is doing very well and thinks she is a member of the family. In an articale about Austrailian Sheep dogs it mentions that they change loyaltys easily. That is Clem's changing and following whoever last makes a fuss over her and that is everyone in the house and when anyone visits. She is a very loving dog.

maggie 61d Maggie the VERY Sweet Black Lab.  Photo sent by Renee and Michael.

Nesreen writes,   I stumbled upon Milly's picture and fell in love with her face. I went to go visit her.  I knew she was our new dog. My husband brought my boys to come meet her and they loved her. We didn't take her home that day, but by the time we had gotten home, they had already named her. My older son wanted to name her Milly, and my younger wanted Princess. So we decided to combine the names. She definitely lives up to her name. She's the sweetest dog and everyone in my family adores her.


Shannon and Will write,   Minnie and The Mooch sleeping in their new basket. Mooch is currently recovering from a cold which he has generously given to Minnie. We were pretty concerned about him but he ate a healthy meal and went back to his mooching ways. We expect the same for Minnie. Hopefully everyone in the house will be happy and healthy.

Judith writes,  We are very happy that we found such a sweetheart to share our lives with, and we think that she feels the same.


Shannan writes, London has made an impact on our lives that I simply can't put into words! As the owners of Texas Dogs Cats magazine, the LAST thing we needed in our lives was another pet- I guess fate had a different idea. London now lives the life of a princess, she's spoiled rotten and spends her days visiting local pet businesses and showing Houston how beautiful a pound puppy really is!