Happy Beginnings

CAP is able to adopt out many animals to happy forever homes. Adoptive families share their joy below with pictures and stories. Help us make this possible for all our homeless animals through a donation to CAP today!

Happy Beginnings Submissions

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My dog, Titan, was hit by a car and killed in April in College Station. My boyfriend and I were devastated and glad to be moving to Houston for the summer for a change after the accident. I love animals and felt a deep need to volunteer at a shelter, since I had adopted Titan from a shelter over a year before. My first day of volunteering, there Mav sat! He was so sweet and attached to Corey and me instantly. He had been there 2 months already and was a stray. We have no idea how he couldn't have been adopted right away - he's just so perfect! We miss Titan very much and think of him every day, but are very happy that we could give life to another precious puppy in need of a good home. We're so happy to have found Maverick; every day is just a little brighter now that he's in our lives!

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Marcia writes,  Cinder has come to her new house bringing with her a gentle nature. She is wonderful with my grandson who visits me often. She has a very silly personality. She plays with a ball by herself, tossing it in the air and then chasing it. She is a pure delight and is a terrific companion.

GretchenGretchen the Dachshund mix is a gleaming example of the dedication and love CAP foster homes provide.  A few years ago Gretchen came to CAP as a tiny puppy, too young to be adopted.  Her foster mom Gitta welcomed her and her siblings into her home until they were old enough to be adopted.  Being the adorable puppy she was, Gretchen was adopted almost immediately.  Fast forward to the present time when Gretchen was returned to CAP for submissive urination.  Foster mom Gitta stepped in again, and under her close watch it was discovered that Gretchen was suffering from a urinary tract infection and bladder stones that required surgery.  Once Gretchen recovered from her surgery it was easy to see that she felt much better and was eager to find her new forever home.  When a very nice woman fell in love with and adopted sweetie Gretchen at our Sugar Land PetSmart Adoption Center location we were incredibly happy for the new family.  And when Gretchen and her new doggie friend quickly became best buddies, we knew that this was a match made in heaven!

stanbubbles71ad stanbubbles71bd

Michelle writes,  I saw Bubble online a few weeks ago. Then during one of my volunteering shifts I got to meet him in person. With his one floppy ear and curly tail, I just fell in love. The next day I went back and adopted him. I decided to rename him Stan and he has quickly become my new little buddy. He is so playful and keeps me laughing all the time. He seems to be pretty happy in his new home. He met my extended family and we all voted that he is such a keeper!! I am lucky to have discovered him when I did.


Sneakers and ScribblesScribbles, Sneakers and their adoptive mom, Merry, are as happy as can be, because they all know that a family is what you make it.  Not long ago little calico kitten Scribbles was found by a bayou and given the Cajun name Jolie by her foster mom.  At the same time little calico kitten Sneakers was known as Meggie and being raised with her siblings.  Eventually, both Jolie and Meggie made their way to CAP in the hopes of finding their fur-ever homes. 

From Merry:

All of my animals have come from shelters, it's just the right thing to do.  These little babies had no part in their being brought into this world and for getting here, and it is our responsibility to take care of those that are forgotten.  They deserve to have good lives. 

Well, in a week or so, my husband and I visited a couple of shelters and also visited CAP's new facility maybe twice.  We decided on one of the two kittens we had visited with in the special meet and greet rooms.  We chose to adopt "Sneakers" and left her there to have her spayed.  When we picked her up the following Tuesday, "Scribbles" was still there.  I told my husband we should take her too!  He assured me that someone would pick her and take her home and love up on her.  The next day at work, I logged onto the CAP website and Scribbles was still there.  I made a round of frantic phone calls and began the mad rush to the shelter on my lunch hour!  As it turned out, they were very understanding and told me they would hold Scribbles until that evening.  My husband picked her up and brought her home that very day.  Sneakers and Scribbles were not from the same litter, but you would think so.  They sleep in a single pile just as if they were born together.

CAP has the nicest shelter -- I was so impressed with their facility.  I would highly recommend anyone looking for a forever friend to go visit there!

sunnywasanika71ac sunnywasanika71bc

Karen writes, We adopted 2 1/2-month old Sunny (formerly Anika) on June 26, 2011. Our 7 year old daughter named her Sunny based on her sunny personality. She is spunky, curious, and fun-loving, but also extremely loveable as well. We have two small dogs, and were warned that sometimes smaller dogs have a more difficult time adjusting to a cat. This was not the case. By day two the dogs were acting like a normal part of the family. they even all lounge together on the same armchair. Our daughter is excellent in her new role as Kitty Mommy and the two are already extremely attached to each other. We are so thrilled to have Sunny as part of our family!


charlie_6-ad charlie_6-bd
Raleigh writes, We adopted Charlie, was called Rennie, to be a companion for us as well as our two cats. The cats aren't a huge fan yet (they'll come around eventually) but we couldn't be more thrilled with him. We originally wanted a purebred puppy but I can't imagine having anything other than a shelter dog after getting him.

Abby writes,   My husband and I felt we were finally ready to get a puppy and it meant a lot to us to adopt. We wanted to take our time to find the perfect dog, and we did just that. Saia was 12 weeks when we brought her home and she has been wonderful! She is learning so fast, is great with our cats, other dogs, and new people, and has been wonderful to have in our family. She fits in perfectly with our active lifestyle and she seems as happy to have us as we are to have her. We feel so lucky to have her and we love her more every day!!


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Betsy has adjusted well to her new home with us and our dog, Baby. We love having her as part of our family. She fits perfectly in our lives.


Betsy writes,   We are just crazy about our new cat, Lamar, was called Tango! We had to put our 12 year old cat down as he had been sick for quite a while. Lamar was such a breath of fresh air to our household. He is playful, frisky, curious, snuggly...all of the things you want in a cat. Even our female cat, Sarah, is coming around! We hope to have many happy years with Lamar