Happy Beginnings

CAP is able to adopt out many animals to happy forever homes. Adoptive families share their joy below with pictures and stories. Help us make this possible for all our homeless animals through a donation to CAP today!

Happy Beginnings Submissions

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Lindsay writes, My fiance and I adopted Owen a year ago. He was fostered with Wendy. My fiance and I will be getting married and Owen will be coming to meet our family that is coming from out of town. He is doing really well and such a great dog. He is very special to us and a great addition to our family.

leo81ad  leo81bd
Donna writes, I named the Chihuahua I adopted Leonidas "Leo", officially Leonidas Gomez Garcia.He is an angel on earth.  A happy boy! He scampers or runs. Rarely does he simply walk, rarely. Many humans envy me. Leo LOVES all humansand canines. The love is mutual as well.  He is not a big fan of commuting by car.  But he would go anywhere with me, well except when he would rather stay cozy on any number of soft places I have for him.  He gets a tiny treat for going to the potty so his svelt shelter,weight has increased a bit. We will get more exercise when the temperature cools down. He lets me know when he has had enough outdoor play. We have a dog park at my apartment complex. He used to go to doggie day care once a week, occassionally twice a week.  He helped me heal from the loss of my Rat Terrier Sammi who was with me for 15 years. She was 3 yrs old when I adopted her. We had wonderful life together. It didn't take long to understand why his shelter name was Lovebug.I hit the jackpot with this little bundle of joy.

Debbie writes, Junior has been a wonderful addition to our family. He makes us smile everyday. Special thanks to Rebecca for fostering this great dog and bringing him into our lives.

dita8d1  dita8d2
Dustin writes,  Dita has now lived with us for weeks, although to us, it seems as though she's been family all along. She spends most of her days hanging out with "dad" and her new older (though much smaller) brother, Pez. Dita is now inseparable from Pez, and he takes care of her just as any big brother should. She spends time playing with what dad calls, the "too many toys" in our house. With bones to chew on, and soft stuffed toys to squeak, She has made herself feel right at home.  She has already met her extended family, including grandma and grandpa, brothers, sisters, and so many other family and friends, who all welcomed her into the family as their own. She had a very busy day at the dog park last Sunday, and came home way more exhausted than when she left. And at night, she curls up in her comfy bed for one next to mommy and brother Pez. We love Dita, and she loves us. A member of our family, she is "our little girl".

moxiegracie8  moxieperson81c
Angela writes,  Moxie, my new manx kitten, has come to live with my dog, Gracie, and me. She is living up to her name! For all the feistiness she shows she also displays her cute, cuddly side. I could not have asked for a better kitten.


Diane and Christy write,  As you can see from the picture, we think Honey (sunny) and Jack (johnny) have adjusted well to their new home. Their older brothers Smokey and Bear (also from CAPS 12 yrs ago) and their older sister Puddy all get along very well.

guineap81 guineapigsbab 

Debbie writes, We adopted Sand the Pig so that our other pet, Kirby the Pig could have a friend. Sandy would give birth to 4 little piggies on August 17, 2011.  Mom and babies are doing wonderfully and Kirby is quite the babysitter.


Angela writes, My boyfriend and I first saw Ezra on Monday and it was love at first sight. It was too early to adopt for us so we figured if he was here later on in the week it was meant to be, and he was. When we picked him up on Thursday, the moment I took him out of the kennel, he would not stop purring and showing so much affection towards us. He was very playful and extremely loving. He always wants to sleep right by our side, he loves looking out the window, playing with his new toys, eating, and jumping really high! He is also very photogenic! As I type this he is cuddling by my side. I am so glad we adopted him.

rainey7-22-11adcr rainey7-22-11bdcr

We adopted Rainey, a Chow mix, in May 2010, and she is such an amazing dog. She's so loving; she adores cuddling and giving kisses! She fills her day with naps, playing with her toys, taking walks, and also hangin' out with my other pup, Husker, a 9-yr-old Maltese. In fact, she has taken on the role of Husker's personal bodyguard! :) We just celebrated Rainey's 2nd birthday, and are so thankful she's a member of our family!

libertybelle7-22-11adcr libertybelle7-22-11bdcr

Belle is doing great, she is so wonderful, loves to travel, uses the doggie door and loves the pool. These pictures were taken when she learned where the steps were located. She was spayed 10 days ago and had her stitches out today and the first thing we did was to go swimming. Our lives have been blessed with Belle.