Happy Beginnings

CAP is able to adopt out many animals to happy forever homes. Adoptive families share their joy below with pictures and stories. Help us make this possible for all our homeless animals through a donation to CAP today!

Happy Beginnings Submissions

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omarfiggegan1acomarfiggegan1bcMarilynn writes,  We went to petsmart to buy some food for our other cats,(all fromCAP) and we were romanced by little Finnegan. We adopted him that day and brought him home after his surgery. During the last (almost) three months, he has won his way into all of our hearts!

 daisyxmas101dMary writes, I walked in not really sure I was ready to adopt a dog.  Daisy "Dora" was the first dog I saw when I entered the dog room. She was so timid and scared but as soon as I took her for a walk she was very friendly. thank you for such a great companion and all the joy she has brought to my home. Daisy goes to doggie daycare every day and has all the love and attention a dog could ever hope for. In return she gives me all of her devotion and love - more than any dog owner could hope for!

maestro91dMarcia writes, Maestro is such a wonderful addition to my family. He is full of energy and has such a cute personality. Having only one eye doesn't slow him down!

naomi91acnaomi91bcThe Ruiz family writes,  Naomi is a lovely cat.. She is doing very well, she is very happy and she loves to play with us a lot, since we had always wanted to get a pet but we lived in a apartment... Naomi is enjoying our new house as well as us..Adopt a Pet...It is a wonderful experience.

zoewphilly91bd zoewphilly91ad

Vivian writes,  When we first saw Zoe (Philly) we fell in love. Zoe loves to play outside, play with all of her toys, and cuddle. She has completed our family, and we are blessed to have her!!

bellagraceanfriend91ad bellagrace91ad
Haley writes,  I went looking around for a dog to take back to college with and ended up finding my sweet, Bella bug! The moment I saw her I knew she was the one! It felt like fate because I saw her on Saturday and she had been brought in on that Friday. I got to adopt her even though she had no had any procedures done and we picked her up that Monday. She is the sweetest girl with the BIGGEST personality. She has only brought joy into my life. She lived with my labs for 3 months and is convinced she is one of them now. She fit right in!! Now she is living in San Marcos with me and making friends wherever we go!

nelson91ac Madeleine writes,  I use to have an orange tabby cat named Norman. He was my best friend, the kind of cat that you don't usually see. He would sleep on my bed each night and wander around the house with me. He was an outside/inside cat and one day he never came home. About a year later we visited the new location and the first cat I saw was Nelson, a big orange tabby cat, who was two years old at the time, rubbing on the glass door of his cage. A volunteer opened the door and let me hold him, which was when the purring and kneading commenced. He was a happy cat. I didn't want to rule out every other cat, so we looked around for a bit and visited with various cats in the specialized rooms. nelson91bcBut I kept going back to Nelson, who seemed to constantly purr. He was happy and friendly with a sweet face, and he reminded me of Norman. The deal was sealed and on January 22, 2011, my baby came home with me. He now sits in the chair next to me every morning at breakfast, meows when I leave the house without him (or some I'm told), sleeps in my lap when I'm reading or watching TV, follows me around and comes when I call him. I just adore him.

tucker91bd tucker91ad

Ashley writes,  I went to adopt another dog and when I got there I found out he was not there. As I was walking around, I saw Tucker was called Bruno and corny as this sounds, we looked at each other and I think we both knew we were meant for one another. He is such a loving and smart little guy and everyone from the vet tech to family and friends falls in love with him the moment they meet him. He is adjusting so well and I think he is realizing that this will be his forever home. He loves all his toys and I am so lucky that I found Tucker and feel truly blessed to have him in my life. His grandparents and aunts and uncles are already fighting over who gets to keep him if I go out of town.


Sandi writes,  When we saw Raphie it was pure love at first sight. He was the cutest little thing ever, He loves to play and run and chase whatever he can! He always puts a smile on our face. He loves to take a dip in the pool. One thing Raphie loves is his mama who is 13 years old!! they like 2 peas in a pod. He loves our other 2 dogs and they sure love him. As my daughter says he is just an AWSOME dog. Note:  Dogs should ALWAYS be supervised while in or near the pool.

 chandler9c2cr chandler9c1cr

Diana writes,   Chandle has become a loved family member in such a short time. It's been so much fun getting to know him. From the simple things like finding out what he prefers to eat or where he likes to sleep to discovering his personality. He's so smart and very independent. Knows when he's ready for bed and has even picked out his "sleeping buddy". I never thought it possible, but he's even learned how to sit and reach for a special snack. My daughter even jokes and says, "What's next mom? You gonna teach him how to bark!"  Im so glad we found him. He has found a new home with people that love him very much!!!