Happy Beginnings

CAP is able to adopt out many animals to happy forever homes. Adoptive families share their joy below with pictures and stories. Help us make this possible for all our homeless animals through a donation to CAP today!

Happy Beginnings Submissions

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Robin wrote,  Zoe has brought such joy to our home. She is a smart, fun puppy to have and we are having a wonderful time watching her grow and teaching her new tricks every day. Our older dog Mocha is not too sure about her youthful energy yet but they are working on developing a long term relationship. We had forgotten what it was like to have such a fun-loving, action-packed puppy in the house was like but we are loving every minute of it!


ObiWan 2-4aD

ObiWan 2-4bD

 Ben wrote,  Our family had been without a dog for several years, and when we found ObiWan, we could not say no. He was the most adorable puppy and is now a very well behaved, playful companion, and he is great with kids. He loves long walks as much as he loves sleeping in our bed. He really is a perfect dog. He is very smart and learns new commands easily. He has made everyone in the family very happy.



 Ashley wrote, My husband and I went on a Sunday to just look around. Kevin mentioned that he saw a dog he thought was cute. We had always said that we were going to get a beagle, but when we got home, Kevin mentioned again that he found a cute puppy. On Monday, he called me after work to tell me that he was going back and wanted to get this puppy. After he spent a little time with her, he decided that she was made for our us. Kevin brought Bailey home 3 days later and we have loved every single minute with her. She has been such a good dog and LOVES being around us as much as possible. I can honestly say that we have fallen in love with Bailey and we are so glad that she is part of our family!

Brody 24D1

Brody 24D2

 Megan wrote, he like to sleep next to me by me also he like to follow me when i go somewhere he cry when i am not home for me and i am happy when i get he from the vet and when someone take he to vet i miss he and he do good at home and do good go out to the restroom everyday and night he never use the restroom in the home are in my room he like to play with my other dog in the home and he never get to use the cat in my home yet he like to bake at them when i am on the bed he eat good everyday and night also he like real people food when they feed me he loe play with my toy i get he everyday and night befor i go to sleep i stay up and wait for mom to go to bed when she like to play the computer and talk on the phone and when mom get the computer i can go to sleep when the light is off in the room then i can go to sleep.


TrinketNugget 2-4Ds

 Sandra wrote, My daughter and I were looking for a buddy for Nugget, who I'd adopted a month earlier when we first saw Trinket. She was a puppy then, but she looked so much like him and was so rambunctious, that we thought they'd be perfect together, and they were play buddies from the get-go. Since then, she's grown up and is almost 2 now. They are still great buddies, and she's a great member of our family.


Jennifer wrote, just wanted to let you know how much we love our guy that we adopted from you last November.  His name was Courage but we renamed him Pablo.  He is deaf and we have been learning sign language together!  He knows sit, stay, down, come, ball, bone, bed, walk and potty. I especially want to thank a receptionist who has also had a deaf dog. She helped us realize that it was no big deal and he would be a great family pet.  He can do everything our other dog can do except hear. Our other dog is not the best listener anyway!


Tux 24 c

Jessica wrote, Tux was adopted almost month ago. He has adjusted quickly to being the spoiled only cat in a large home with his very own room. He is still as sweet as ever. He loves to be touched and adores chasing this toys and play tails. Tux loves watching animal planet and nat geo. He will run up to the tv to get a closer look of the wolves or lions or whatever catches his eye. He is nothing but love, and he sure does charm everyone he meets. He is one happy cat, and I'm so thankful to have been blessed with a totally cool cat.


BebeVito 24Ds

Doug and Linda wrote, we adopted Bebe in Jan last year after our beloved Pomeranian passed away. Bebe was very shy and reserved, it took awhile for her to understand that he had a new home with a Mom and Dad that love her very much. Since then, Bebe has taken over the house!   A few weeks ago, we thought we should get her a boy-friend…we went and found Veto. He had been at the shelter for several months and even went on a trial but was returned. Vito was in need of a loving home so we took him with us (after approval from Bebe). Veto and Bebe get along GREAT, he put on about 3 or 4 pounds in just a few weeks and Bebe lost 3 pounds chasing Veto around the house.  They are both great additions to our home and we could not be more happy!



Bilal wrote,  after much time and thought, we finally decided to adopt a cat. Diva, was known as Bobo, was lethargic when we brought her home, but that was because she did not feel well. After a trip to the vet, she is much better and settling in just fine. She follows us around, runs through the hall and lets us know when there is no food in her bowl. Now that she has finally found her new home, she can be the Diva that she really is.


Ramesses 214C1st

Ramesses 214C2nd

Cynthia wrote, Ramesses came into our lives two years after our original CAPS baby Sox of 16 years passed. We, especially Julius, were in much need of a new family member and Ramesses has been a great addition. He is friendly, sweet and full of life. We are very happy to have him and think he is happy with us too.