Happy Beginnings

CAP is able to adopt out many animals to happy forever homes. Adoptive families share their joy below with pictures and stories. Help us make this possible for all our homeless animals through a donation to CAP today!

Happy Beginnings Submissions

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Teresa wrote, was touched by Lena's story eight years old, plus size girl who loves everyone. She is a wonderful, sweet girl who is on her way to becoming a sleek beauty.


Lando 34C

Donetta wrote,  We found Lando reaching through the bars of his cage, squeaking in his high pitched voice for attention every time we walked by. When we took him to the visitation room to get to know him, we loved his personality right away. His crazy tail that points at his head when he's happy just added to his character and charm. Now that we've had him for a couple of weeks, we love him even more. He is a ball of hilarious fun and energy. We've never met another cat that squeaks like a tiny newborn, runs around with his tail pointed at the back of his head, and carries Sharpie pens in his mouth for fun. We love him, thank you for taking care of him.




Jason wrote,  Levi is a great addition to our family. He's great with our kids. Levi loves to take walks and play in the backyard. He also loves to snuggle next to you. The best part of it all, he has our hearts.



 Annetta wrote, My sons and I went in there to get one dog to share the love for Valentines Day and there were soo many cute dogs! I was really hard to decide which we wanted to adopt. They had a very nice looking litter, so we decided to get 2 brothers that were mixed with black and white like my boys. ;-) we love them so much.

Sally 34D

Israel wrote,  A little over 13 years ago we adopted Sally (was Betsy), a 1-2 year old Border Collie-Chow mix stray, found wounded, wet and cold in the winter rain out near an airport. We saw and fell in love with her on sight.   Cleaned up, she was like a little bear with a feather duster tail on one end, a Border Collie face at the other and a whole lot of finger deep black fur, soft as it could be in the middle. In short order we had her fully recovered at normal weight and looking fully like she should. She turned out to be a wonderfully gentle and friendly companion who people would consistently stop to ask us about wherever she went with us. This past week, after 13 years Sally had to leave us after a long and happy journey as a treasured and deeply loved member of our family. She had been everywhere with us and like us grew older as our young boys also grew and began to leave home. The eldest, now a US military officer would swear that he only came home to visit Sally. Like the rest of us, he was in tears when we had to make the decision to let her go. It was one of the most difficult decisions we have ever had to make but was clearly the right one for Sally now about 15 years old and suddenly no longer able or unwilling to move from her bed or take food. Once she was as my sister-in-law summed up at the end - Sally girl----a loving, sweet, curious, mischievous, funny and treasured friend, but now her time to leave had arrived and we had to help her.   Our home is so empty without Sally's quiet but never unnoticed presence. My wife and I will in time bring another "pound puppy" rescue home with us. Whoever that is will not replace Sally.


Stella 24aC

Stella 24bC

 Erin wrote,  always had a cat growing up, but went without for a few years after my seventeen year old passed away. My husband brought home a cat back in November from friends that had rescued him and that began to stir the kitty feelings again. So, one Sunday afternoon we came by and met two month old Stella. She was an obvious fit with our family in the short time we spent with her, but unfortunately, she developed a severe upper respiratory infection during her spay surgery. The foster care folks took wonderful care of her while she mended; I called everyday to check on her. Stella has been home for almost an entire week now. While our other cat was very cautious of her at first, it was a matter of just two short days before they became inseparable, calling to each other, playing tag, and wrestling like siblings. She is a great help with laundry and loves to snuggle at our necks during the night. We are so glad to have her!

Peaches 24aD

Peaches 24bD

 Susan wrote,  We love Pearl and so does Matilda our Bassador. Pearl ate, played and fit right in.

Perseus 24C

PerseusAnAjax 24Cs

 Janet wrote,  In November 2012, I adopted 2 brothers from a litter of 5 kittens a friend found while on her morning walk. Ajax and Teucer were loving buddies. Ajax and I were both distraught to lose Teucer at the age of 16 months to hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. Ajax had never ever been without another cat around, so I decided to find him another buddy as soon as possible. Perseus (was called Jaky) was the perfect fit for our family! He's adjusted quite well, and Ajax is thrilled to have another cat to snuggle with and groom. Perseus has fit in so well so quickly, I can't help but think Teucer's spirit is still around and giving us all his blessing.

Bonnie 24D

Michelle wrote,  We love our new girl! Her name was Lucy, but since she's of Scottish heritage, we named her Bonnie. She spends the day with me, but when our boys come home, she disappears to play with them! Daddy takes her for a run/walk every night. We start obedience training in one month and can't wait.




Craig wrote,  Zena seems happy in her new home and we are very happy she is with us. Zena got a step sister, Cleo, from Houston Humane Society the day after she arrived. They are already having fun together in only one week. Both cleared by the independent vet.