Happy Beginnings

CAP is able to adopt out many animals to happy forever homes. Adoptive families share their joy below with pictures and stories. Help us make this possible for all our homeless animals through a donation to CAP today!

Happy Beginnings Submissions

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Annie 414 C

Sherri wrote, My husband recently came to adopt a new family member for our home with very specific instructions on what to look for.  When he called me about a 12 year old beautiful blue tabby cat, my heart just went out to her. At the time she was named Jackie, and being a big senior aged girl we knew that she might have a hard time being adopted. My hubby spent a few moments with her and was convinced she was the one for us! We decided that if we only have her for a short time, we will provide her with love and happiness for every day she has left.
 When they walked through the door, she immediately ran and hid, but in just a few hours she wanted to explore and has since become an active part of our family gatherings. For a senior cat she is still very active and she is simply charming with her sweet affectionate personality. We are just getting to know her but are already in love with our precious Annie Girl!


Henry 414aD

Henry 414bD

 Thomas wrote, Nicole and I fell in love with woody. He walked around with a cockiness to him that I couldn't get enough of. We felt that Henry was a name that fit his personality better and he learned it within a week. He had his first vet visit about 3 weeks ago to finish out the last of his puppy shots, and they said he was in great shape!   Henry is a cuddler when you're laying on the couch relaxing, but extremely playful as soon as you pick up a toy. He loves to make his presence known to everyone on his long walks by trying to play with everyone. Overall, Henry has adjusted to his new home and has become our first child. We love him and are so glad that we came when we did.

Bonzy 414D

Aillene wrote,  Bronzy was one of 3 puppies from the same litter. Bronzy was calm, cool super cute! We were looking for another dog to love care for, as well as find a companion for our other dog. Bronzy has been the perfect pup! Happy and energetic, but also great at cuddling up!


Tulip 414aC

Mary wrote,  Our family is growing with the addition of our sweet Tulip. With 3 boys (ages 3 − 8) and a dog and cat - we weren't sure how a new shy kitty would handle all the commotion! Tulip fits right in, and loves to snuggle and play. We were meant to find this lovable pet, and she was meant for us!


Lyla 414aR

Lyla 414bR

 Morgan wrote, My fur baby came home with me March 26th. After some adjusting to her new environment she's turned into a love able sweet girl! She loves to lay in my arms for an quick cat nap. From playing with our two dogs to snooping around the living room she's always a bundle of joy we all look forward to coming home to!

Spike 414 Da

Spike 414 Db

Tatiana wrote, Spike is a beautiful Shnauzer breed of 4 years of age. When I first got him he had a very nervous temperament, always crouching down with fear in his eyes. Not anymore.   Now he has two sisters, and two brothers which he shares a home with. He has taught me many things like he loves to play fetch, absolutely loves bones, get along great with his siblings, and loves to go walking with them. His temperament is improving greatly thanks, I think, to my animals who have welcomed him with open...paws.

Molly 414aD

Molly 414bD

 Melinda wrote, Molly is a black and brindle Lab/Pit/Shepherd mix puppy. My fiancé and I found Molly just before my birthday. We recently moved into a new house and knew we wanted a dog to be a part of our new life and family.   We had Molly and her sister taken into a room for a meet and greet. Immediately, Molly went to my fiancé, he scooped her up and started rubbing her chest. She licked his face and was so calm and loving while he pet her. The two of them together was an absolutely adorable sight. I looked at him and said "She's the one." 
 When we brought Molly home, she fit right in. She follows my daughter around, they play every morning before school. Molly LOVES attention. She always has to be right next to us or touching us wherever we are in the house. We've determined that whoever has the blanket on the couch, is who the dog goes too.  We have had Molly for almost a month. She has gained about 15lbs and is incredibly spoiled. She has taken to potty training very well and already knows the commands "sit", "wait", "stay", "drop it", "shake" and "come". She is a VERY smart dog! Her favorite things are chewing on dog chews and throwing her squeaky pink elephant around. Molly also loves to sit outside with us while we BBQ.

Brody 414aD

Brody 414bD

 Ariel wrote,  I wanted a companion for my son and Brody is absolutely wonderful with him. We are so happy to have him as a new a family member and can't wait to make a lifetime full of memories.



 Christina wrote,  Cocoa(tortie, 3mo) has settled in very well. To be so little, she has quite the dominating personality. Very loveable! Loves following, mimicking, hunting her older brothers, Scooter and our 10yr old rescue, Slim Shady lol.    Scooter(brown tabby, 6mo) biggest love bug ever! Very adventurous. Very playful and energetic. Loves cuddling and sleeping under the covers. These two are a wonderful addition to our blended family.

Sophie 34aD

Sophie 34bD

 Erin wrote, We had just recently lost a family pet member and came to see if anyone needed our love. We found Sophie. It was strange but adopting her helped to heal our hearts and as well as providing a home for her. It was a match that was meant to be. She is so sweet, loves to cuddle, go for walks and sleep in our bed. Sophie knew she was home the minute she stepped in the door. We are very excited to see her wagging tail every time she greets us and our hearts swell with love.