Happy Beginnings

CAP is able to adopt out many animals to happy forever homes. Adoptive families share their joy below with pictures and stories. Help us make this possible for all our homeless animals through a donation to CAP today!

Happy Beginnings Submissions

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Sassy 514aC

Sassy 514bC

 Harold wrote, Sassy (Sas-squatch) made herself comfortable right from the first day! She loves playing with her toys and the new ones we have given her.  She also loves to help the wife in making the bed by getting those crazy folds in the sheets out. We can not thank you enough for allowing us to give her a forever loving home with us.

Riley 514d

Melissa wrote, My daughter had been asking for a puppy for a very long time. We wanted her to have that lifetime friend, but the moment was never quite right. My husband spotted Riley, there was something about her. Her sweet face was all it took. Riley was very shy and timid at first, and it took some time for our daughter and Riley to bond, but now they just love each other so much. Riley just started her obedience class and it's helping with her confidence and she's a very fast learner. She's playful and crazy, loves to be outside, but loves to be inside with her family too. She's eager to please and just wants to love on you and have her belly rubbed, and she thinks she a lap dog even at 40 lbs and growing.


Molly 514adp

Molly 514bdp

 Kristen wrote, Well my husband and I had been talking about getting a dog. When we got there we saw a lot of puppies in the puppy corner. There was a few that we wanted to meet. There was one that myself and my 6'6" husband could not see sleeping up against the wall. I kept trying to look and couldn't see her. So when the staff came and asked if we would like to see any of them, I said I want to see the one I can't (molly). Since she has been home she has been a blessing. She is my little snuggle bear. Since I work days and my husband works nights we both agree its awesome having someone to hang out with, go to the beach, go to the park. we have so much fun. If anyone has ever worked opposite of your spouse you know it can be very lonely. With this blessing that God and CAP has given us, we couldn't be happier. Molly is our pride and joy. Her favorite toys , pink piggy, black and green rope. favorite past time is snuggling up on the couch between daddy and I watching movies.

SirDon 514caRev

Arta wrote, had just lost my 19 year old stray cat Spookie. She had been with me for 18 wonderful years. I was not going to get another cat for a while but I thought my other CAP kitty Scarlet, needed a companion. When I went to the CAP website that is when I saw him, Sir Don. He was 16 years old, his owner had passed. He was perfect. He may not have that many years left but he will spend those with me and Scarlet. And he doesn't really look 16.


Akuna 514ad

Akuna 514ads

 Akuna says, came from a family of "TOO MANY". My health, while was overall good, I still HAD WORMS A BACTERIAL INFECTION. A lady and her older granddaughter came in one day, petted me, took me to a room full of cats, then signed me out of my prison. Even though I had to leave my sweet brother behind, had to learn to go outside to potty, and go to the vet twice in one week, I now belong in a home where I have learned to play, am free to sleep in a real bed (with humans, cats, a playmate), and get lots of petting, and attention.

Mazy 4-27-14 GP

Molly 4-27-14GB

 Natalie wrote,   Our 11 year old daughter had been asking for a "pocket pet" for a year. Finally she got her wish! Under the xmas tree were two books on Guinea Pig care and a letter promising a pet cavy if she learned all about them. Once she did her research and helped me set up the CC cage, we made plans to go to CAP. On the day we went, there were 3 pairs of Guinea Pigs, but when my daughter saw the curly-haired girl, she knew which one she was going home with! And my son had just as quickly bonded with the second pig.
 The Guinea pigs seemed to like their new home immediately, and we liked having them with us! My daughter soon realized that we needed a feeding chart, since there were so many people helping with the care of the pets! The kids are great helpers, and have really bonded with their new pets. I think our choice in pets was just right for our family. And now I can't imagine our home without them.

Seven 4-14 D

Jenny wrote, We were lucky enough to take Seven home on my husband's birthday. Seven was very shy with us at first, but has grown into our lovable 2 year old. Now that we have our son we can't wait to see these two become the best of friends. Seven loves her little brother.


ArielToby 414c

 Rose wrote,  Soon to be Girly and Spooks are finally making themselves at home. We have not yet been able to get Spooks in a cage to visit the vet. Glad he is not sick.

Kitsune 414 d

Brian and Jean wrote,  We found Kitsune two weeks ago at CAP. Of course, you had her named, Polly, but she became Kitsune after her foxy coat and  burrowing,tendencies. Our 4 year old Lab mix, Kali, is adapting wonderfully to,being a bit sister, showing Kitsu how to walk the fence line, which,morning alarm actually means get out of bed, and where the best,napping places are around the house. The two of them are certainly a,little pack, but Kitsune isn't too sure whether the children are in,the pack, too, or not. She'll learn. We are so glad we found Kitsu, and were able to adopt her.


Celia 414 FerESm

Rachel wrote, Celia has made quite an impression in our home since bringing her home. She explores all day and night. Sometimes she is naughty and gets into things, so we have had to adjust to her curious ways! She loves to play and like any animal baby immediately needs a nap. She cuddles on the sofa a lot.