Happy Beginnings

CAP is able to adopt out many animals to happy forever homes. Adoptive families share their joy below with pictures and stories. Help us make this possible for all our homeless animals through a donation to CAP today!

Happy Beginnings Submissions

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Boo 514C

Ryner wrote,   Boo has been a pleasurable member of our family from day one. As a matter of fact I must admit that Boo has taken over the house. He is as happy as happy can be,as this picture can tell.p.s. He is fatter too.



Suki514bCPronvipar wrote, Suki didn't waste one minute making herself at home in my apartment. She already has her own favorite spot on my bed and loves to lay on my desk while I study. She has only been here a week and I already can't wait to see her grow.




 Tracy wrote, adopted "Rebel", formerly known as Goldie on 5-21-14. We had a nice ride home, I talked to her, petted her, scratched her behind the ears, and did some bonding. Pulling into my driveway, I then got out of the car, went to the passenger's side, collar and leash in hand, and when I opened the door... Rebel pushed right passed me and booked it! My boyfriend, a friend, and I tried our best to get to her, but she was way to quick. We chased and looked for her for hours, catching up to her, and she would book it again. It was now passed dark and we could not see anything. We then got into the truck to go search for her, but no luck. The next day I posted her picture on some sites, and went to put "LOST DOG" signs in our area. I had put nearly 60 signs in hopes that someone may spot her and give me a call. On Friday morning  received a phone call. A very nice lady spotted Rebel. I immediately drove up to where she had last seen Rebel. In the meantime, as she was waiting for me, man saw her trying to "catch" Rebel, and he was helping. We then all got into our cars and started to go in the direction to where Rebel was thought to be heading, but that nice lady then received a phone call from her sister who spotted Rebel at the field behind the church. We drove up there and I walked into the brushes. I saw Rebel, and called to her. She stopped, turned around, recognized me, and started walking towards me. She crossed the ravine and we met in the middle. I brought her home and now she is perfectly happy and safe. It took her a couple of days to realize that this was her home, and that we love her. She is no longer soo skittish, and she follows me everywhere, and I love it, She is a perfect, and I am so thankful for her.

Rosco 514aD

Rosco 514bD

 Sara wrote,  We had just lost one of our dogs to liver failure. We knew that if we got another dog, it would be though a shelter. It wasn't long after searching through pets for adoption, I instantly fell in love with the under bite Roscoe showed in his picture, and he was also a pick of litter. After hearing he wasn't looked at, we went to meet this little guy. We brought our other small dog in also for a meet and greet and they hit it off wonderfully! Ever since, they have been inseparable and Roscoe even gets along with our other senior dog and cats! We are lucky to have a great addition like him!



Shannon wrote, We adopted Amanda aka Mandy in 2003. She was a wonderful girl but passed away, sadly, from osteosarcoma last year. We knew, when the time was right, we would adopt another fur baby. We stopped by Saturday to meet Bennie, now Annie, after seeing her photo online. She was very shy and apprehensive, but we fell in love with her. We have had her only a few days, but she is already coming out of her shell. She loves to sleep in bed with Mommy and Daddy(as you can see from the photo where she is making herself comfy on Mommy's side of the bed). Thank you so much for this sweet, sweet soul. 

AsiaAnne 514C

Crystal wrote,   We adopted Asia two weeks ago. She acts like she has been with our family forever. We love her dearly and this is the second animal I have adopted from CAPS. How anyone could have given her up to begin with is beyond me. Their loss our gain.




 Carol wrote,  While looking for my lost cat Blue (he's 14 years old and got out), I spotted Amber and the volunteer told me that Patches/Amber had been there the longest and was a sweet girl. I knew I had to have her after spending a few minutes with her. So very very sweet and I was missing Blue so much.  After almost a month of Blue missing, I found him. He is skin and bones and very traumatized so I kept them separated for a while. I slept with Amber on the couch the first night Blue was home because I didn't want her to feel neglected.  I don't know if they will be friends, but I hope they will. They are both very different, Blue isn't as sweet as Amber.  Just love Amber and am so glad I went that day to look for Blue.


Alexis wrote, We had to put our beloved family dog down last summer but the time had come to find a new family dog. It took us several months and many trips to CAP but we finally found Charlotte. What a doll! We can't say enough good things about Charlotte. She's a real gem and has fit right into our family from the outset. We are a young family with rowdy kids but she takes it all in stride. She is developing quite the bond with our 18 month old. He calls her Char Cha and follows her around our home, trying to play and pet her constantly. In turn she patiently lets him do what he likes and gives him only quick kisses in return. She is house trained and so well mannered. Our three year old put it best on the first day we brought her home - now we can love her forever.




 Danny wrote,  I adopted TANK (The Awesome New Kitteh) 2 weeks ago. He has fit into my home amazingly and has become my new best buddy. He greets me every day when I get home and is so loving. TANK stays right by my side and is obviously very thankful that I let him adopt me. I couldn't have met a better cat. He is so sweet and calm and easy going. He and I have a long future together, I'm sure.

Trixie 515 D