Happy Beginnings

CAP is able to adopt out many animals to happy forever homes. Adoptive families share their joy below with pictures and stories. Help us make this possible for all our homeless animals through a donation to CAP today!

Happy Beginnings Submissions

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Jennifer wrote, We love our rescue kitties. Dash is a fantastic addition to our family!! He is meshing well with our other cats.


Murphy 614D

Janet wrote, He is the light of our lives. My favorite part of the day is coming home to this face. He has brought so much joy to our household. We love him with all of our hearts.


Belle 614D

Flora wrote,  Little did I know when I brought in a found rabbit that I would be coming home with a wonderful dog! Belle has been a joy to be with, intelligent, eager to please, and an all-around great girl. I can't thank CAP and Subaro enough for bringing me this bundle of joy.


KatieAnMcKenzie 614Ds

Fred wrote, Katie is adjusting to her new home and our other dogs. She is still working on who's the boss. She is recovering from her Spay surgery and gets more and more energy each day. She is a very loving dog and we are very fortunate to find her. in the picture she is the one on the left side of our other Westie named McKenzie.


Nina 614C

Isa wrote,  We wanted to add a new member to our family.


Stella 614aD

Stella 614bD

 Beth wrote,  Stella is awesome! She has enjoyed walking and jogging with us, playing catch, and snuggling up for hugs. She has been a joy to welcome into our family and we are happy to have her as our forever friend.

Misty 614aC

Misty 614bC

 Fairen wrote,  She is the love of my life and I am very grateful to have her with me and my spouse. She is ever so loving, funny, and affectionate than any other cat in the entire world. Nothing will replace our new loved one.

Pumpkin 514aC

Pumpkin 514bC

 Jennifer wrote, came twice to find a new furry friend. My first trip I met a different cat named Tommie but he was gone when I came back the next day. On my second trip, I met Pumpkin. Pumpkin started purring like a diesel engine the second I opened the cage and offered my hands. I immediately knew Pumpkin chose me. Our first few weeks at home were rough. Pumpkin came down with a terrible upper respiratory infection and had to spend a week at a local vet getting medications and nebulizer treatments. Pumpkin came home after 6 days and has claimed the entire apartment as his. He is the first face I see when I get up and the last one I see when I go to bed. He has been a wonderful addition to my empty home.

RockyJosie 514Cs

Sara wrote,  These two came from separate ends of the shelter and didn't know each other before being adopted. After a day of hissing at each other, and their new big kitty brother, Ernie, they are three peas in a pod now. They rip and race through the house chasing each other, then crash in a big pile together on the bed and nap awhile. They make us laugh on a daily basis. At night, they all curl up in their special place on and around mom (Rocky on her chest, Josie on her shoulder, and Ernie along her side, under the covers. They are very happy and are bringing us happiness every minute.



Grace wrote,   After adopting one of our dogs from CAP, we returned almost 2 years later to adopt another furry friend! Sebastian is about 9 months old and around 12lbs. He is very playful and extremely loving! He makes a great addition to our family and I couldn't be happier! He's gotten a haircut and a little pampering since we adopted him which will continue throughout our new life together. I already love him as if I have had him for years and am truly blessed to be his new owner.