Happy Beginnings

CAP is able to adopt out many animals to happy forever homes. Adoptive families share their joy below with pictures and stories. Help us make this possible for all our homeless animals through a donation to CAP today!

Happy Beginnings Submissions

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Paula wrote, Tigris was adopted being just three months old, he is very sweet and it was very easy to get him adapted to my home. He is doing great and plays a lot.

BellaBoo 9-14C

Dana wrote, My kids were still mourning the loss of our previous kitty 2 years ago. I decided it was time to soothe bruised hearts with a new kitten. As soon as we walked into the shelter both kids made a beeline for Boo and it was love at first sight. She was renamed Bella Boo and is as playful, sweet and cuddly as anyone could ask for.


CallieNotSimon 9-14CSimonNotCallie 9-14CJanice wrote,  First of all, I could not believe someone would give up Callie and Simon. They are wonderful cats. They have the sweetest and most docile personalities of any cats that I have ever had. Though, when I first got them, I felt that their names did not really fit them, I kept the names that they had been given since they were more than five years old. I was afraid that they might be psychologically affected if I changed the names. Most cats just answer to "Kitty, kitty" or something like that, but my cats know their names. Callie and Simon even talk to us...especially to my son. They have the run of the house and are completely trustworthy. I am so glad that we were able to rescue them from having to live in a pet cage. They are a joyful addition to our family. The pictures are of Callie (tortoise shell) and Simon (seal point) relaxing in their favorite spots.

PercyNotPenny 9-14D

PennyNotPercy 9-14D

Alyssa wrote,  My parents walked in thinking we would adopt just one puppy, yet we walked out with two. I fell in love with Percy the first time our eyes met and my brother fell in love with Penny. After meeting both of them we couldn't decide on just one, so my brother and I convinced our parents to let both of them join the family. On Percy's records, CAP put he is a Pit Bull mix, we think the mix might be Great Dane, (tricked my parents again) he is about 4 months now. Percy is my big baby and is growing so fast. Penny on the other hand is still tiny. Percy and Penny get along, we just worry that Percy might crush Penny when they play (neither of them realize their true size). So far we love having both of them in our crazy house hold.

Kemosahdee 9-14aC

Kemosahdee 9-14bC

 Dianna wrote, am so blessed to have found my shadow! He follows me every where I go. We have shutters all over the house and I open all of them every morning and he enjoys the best of both worlds!  He also has a 55 gallon fish tank that he is totally addicted to, it is so much fun to watch him chase the fish around from his favorite chair. He had no idea what a litter box was for, but with lots of prayer, love, and patience, mission accomplished.

Lucky 914D

Yuan wrote,  We are very happy to get our first pet LUCKY. It's a very nice dog. 


Henrietta914bCRobin wrote,  Adorable Henrietta is so fun, sweet and full of energy. She is bringing so much joy to my life. 

Virgo 8-14aD

Virgo 8-14bD

Diana wrote, Looking for first puppy for our son. Name on crate caught attention and adopted that day/

George 814 Rat

Zack and Zoe wrote,  George is one of three rats we have adopted. He is most happy riding on our shoulders. Mom says she wasn't too excited to be getting rats as pets but now that we have them she says they remind her of tiny puppies who love to be cuddled and held. Here is George enjoying a cupcake. We love our happy little friends.


Summer 814aD ain wrote, Summer is great, very gentle with the kids and loves to snuggle up.Summer 814bD

ain wrote, Summer is great, very gentle with the kids and loves to snuggle up.