Happy Beginnings

CAP is able to adopt out many animals to happy forever homes. Adoptive families share their joy below with pictures and stories. Help us make this possible for all our homeless animals through a donation to CAP today!

Happy Beginnings Submissions

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Sophie 1 16 15aC

Sophie 1 16 15bC

Michelle wrote, We adopted our beautiful baby the day before Christmas, and picked her up to officially come home and join our family on December 26, 2015. From the moment our baby came in the house, Sophie has never wanted for attention! She is sometimes known as 'Crazy Kitty' when she bolts upstairs, downstairs, into bedrooms. She plays cars and trucks with our son, being pushed around in the trucks! She plays 'house' with our daughters! She has even been a patient for our Doc McStuffin's fanatic daughter! Even though it was mommy who was desperate for a little fur baby, Sophie has become Daddy's cuddler. Sophie has made our family complete, and we've completed her as well.

Lucy 1 16 15aD

Lucy 1 16 15bD

Carrie wrote,  Lucy is a wonderful addition to our family! She had been adopted once before but returned. I would imagine it is because she is a strong-minded little pup.... she fits right in with our 3 girls!  Lucy is snuggly and loving; her middle name is Licks-a-lot because she give so many kisses. Lucy loves our 3 girls and they love her. At bedtime, it didn't take Lucy long to figure out that she gets to take turns snuggling and tucking in each girl. And in the mornings, she knows it's her job to wake them up with wet puppy kisses until they are out of bed. Lucy and Max her puppy-brother, are best of friends. They play, play, play then somehow fit both of them into a tiny space to curl up on the same dog bed when it is time for a rest.

Orbit 1 13 14D

Orbit 1 13 14Ds

Arturo wrote, When I first seen Orbit (was called Sammy) I felt an instant connection with him, I had to adopt him. He has been part of the family for a little over a month now and he has been an amazing dog. He's full of so much energy and enjoys all the toys I get him. He is a friendly giant. We also found out that Orbit is great with kids, we have a two year old and Orbit adores him, we have caught Orbit sneaking to lay with the kid at night, pretty adorable if you as me. He also gets along great with other dogs and out other fur baby.

Max 1 9 15 aD

Max 1 9 15 bD

Tiffany wrote,  We adopted Charlie into our family a little over a month ago. I have to say our family is so happy to have him part of it. He is an amazing dog! We couldn't be more happy with him. Since then the kids have renamed him to Maximus Prime Max.  He is so happy. He loves walking the kids to school every morning and all the school kids already know him. I am training for a half marathon so I take him on long runs and he loves it! He is such a happy doggie and fits into to our family perfectly. He obeys commands and is very playful. We could not be more in love with this doggie. He is in a happy home and as my daughter always says, " he is going to have a happy life with us." Best dog ever!

BamaBoy1 9 15D

BamaBoy1 9 15Ds

Jodi wrote, My dad's dog past away recently and after detailed preferences I went on the hunt to find the perfect dog for him. Bama was it. He is fitting in great at his new home in Bastrop. He has area to run and a pond to go swimming in. Then at night he gets under the covers and snuggles in. My dad couldn't be happier with his new best friend. The second picture is out on my dad's land with Bama and Iris (my dog) playing tug a war with a stick.

AdamEve12 14 Cs

AdamEveTom12 14Cs

 Jill wrote,   came to find a playmate for TOMTOM which is 9 years old in September and two of the kittens captured my heart and they captured TomTom's heart too....he is such a daddy to both of them. We love them so much.

Sierra 12 14aC

Sierra 12 14bC

Shiela wrote, My cat of 17 yrs passed away from cancer in August and part of my mourning led me to start volunteering. I took several of the courses and while there, noticed Sierra (previously known as Zafira). Her card said she had been there a while (VIP), so i kept coming back and she was still there (9 months by the time i adopted her). I visited again on Nov 15th and thought to myself, 'no more, this is her last day here!' and started the adoption process. I gave her a bath as soon as we got home just as a precaution to my other animals and her fur turned to silk! I really hadn't noticed just how gorgeous she was, as i was more concerned with just giving her a home, but she is truly beautiful. She adjusted well. She has a little bit of a catitude, but she is full of zany shennaigans and her purring is out of control. She will literally purr right next to me for an hour straight! I joke that she forgets to turn off the purr machine. And as I have gotten to know her, I cannot believe how such a beautiful, fun kitty was passed by week after week, month after month. She had a history of developing kidney stones, so that may have something to do with it, but i have continued her special diet and added some natural preventative things and she is just thriving. I encourage people NOT to overlook the adult (VIP) cats too quickly. They need homes too and can be wonderful additions to your family. Sierra is finally home and she will never be in a shelter again. 

Sammy 12 14D Enl

Michael wrote,   Lenny produces the Cap Gala and Sammy was one of the dogs brought to the event. Lenny and I went to the shelter the next day and adopted him. Now he walks many runways. This is Sammy at the Macy's Nutcracker Fashion Show.


Spirit 12 14C

Keith wrote,  Spirit is settling in very nicely. She is trying her best to make friends with Luke our Yorkie.  She is full of energy and loves running around the house getting into all sorts of things. We are giving her all the love she needs. A great gift for the entire family.


Raven 12 14 D

Raven 12 14 Ds

Amanda wrote,  My husband Kerry adopted Raven on December 12, 2014. She just fit right in with the two of us and as you can see in the first picture, has made herself at home. It has only been a week, but we have had so much fun with her. She loves going for daily walks in the neighborhood and meeting new friends. She's become best buddies with Charlie, the rat terrier next door (second picture). Raven loves to play with her squeaky duck toy and her chew bone.