Willa_WasPixie_10-1-08_AtCap_Enl Willa_WasPixie_10-1-08_NowCr

We adopted Pixie now called Willa (about 35 lbs.) on Sept 10th 2005 and we're so glad we did!  Hurricane Katrina had devastated the gulf coast so while running errands I visited CAP to make a donation for Katrina rescues. .... We went to say hi to the animals and I remained unmoved - then someone brought Willa out from the back. I fell in love. The next several hours meant making sure our current dog liked her, filling out the paperwork, waiting in line to adopt, and giving her a bath in back of the shelter prior to her spay the next day - she was so dirty from being picked up out of the water in LA. Willa had no house or leash training so we worked with her. She grew into a beautiful dog and is a boon companion who keeps us laughing on a daily basis and we love her dearly.  I'm deeply grateful to the heroic volunteer who spent his time driving to LA and back to rescue animals in need. Thank you all for bringing her into our lives!  Lyn
Additional note: Our other dog is a white standard poodle named Zulu. He was adopted at the age of 5 from Poodle Rescue of Houston .... and is now about 12 years old. He's a noble gentleman who puts up with Willa's antics graciously ;-) She helps keep him active and young at heart. We abrought him to CAP to meet Willa before we made her adoption final.