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Donna writes, I named the Chihuahua I adopted Leonidas "Leo", officially Leonidas Gomez Garcia.He is an angel on earth.  A happy boy! He scampers or runs. Rarely does he simply walk, rarely. Many humans envy me. Leo LOVES all humansand canines. The love is mutual as well.  He is not a big fan of commuting by car.  But he would go anywhere with me, well except when he would rather stay cozy on any number of soft places I have for him.  He gets a tiny treat for going to the potty so his svelt shelter,weight has increased a bit. We will get more exercise when the temperature cools down. He lets me know when he has had enough outdoor play. We have a dog park at my apartment complex. He used to go to doggie day care once a week, occassionally twice a week.  He helped me heal from the loss of my Rat Terrier Sammi who was with me for 15 years. She was 3 yrs old when I adopted her. We had wonderful life together. It didn't take long to understand why his shelter name was Lovebug.I hit the jackpot with this little bundle of joy.